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Making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint is something that many people have been doing in recent years. But with several fashion houses allowing for eco-friendly fashion that works, it is easier than ever to be eco-friendly and well dressed. In this article, we will be providing you with a number of ways that you can be environmentally conscious whilst enjoying the very best of fashion.

Purchase Clothes Second Hand 

Purchasing clothes second hand is one of the many ways that you can shop in an eco-friendlier manner as it prevents the clothes from being burnt or thrown away. With several charity shops and swap shops open all over the UK, you can find some amazing fashion items without spending a small fortune. This helps to maintain a low carbon footprint whilst allowing you to expand your style in new and exciting ways.

Customise Your Older Clothes

If you have plain white t-shirts and are looking to do something new and creative you cannot go wrong with customisation. Whether it is embroidery, tie-dying or sewing, you can make a number of your older clothes into the most amazing outfits around regardless of the occasion. Alternatively, you can take these clothes to an alteration’s specialist. They will be able to make these changes for you and create you some of the best outfits in your wardrobe. This is not only a great way of being greener, but it can help to limit the amount of money that you are spending.

Make Use Of A Tote or Cotton Bag

Another way that you can be more eco-friendly us to use a tote or printed carrier bags. These are a simple solution to have bags that you can use again and again to limit the use of single-use plastic. This is a small yet crucial step to making a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly. This is something that can benefit you in the long turn and help you to reduce your carbon footprint. These bags are also comfortable to carry and make perfect marketing material for a business of any size.

Look At The Clothes You Are Purchasing

The final way that you can shop more eco-friendly is purchasing clothes that are made from sustainable fibres. This is materials such as recycled cotton, organic linen, and other materials. These are sourced from natural places and can help to make a wide range of clothes for all sizes. These are a great way of reducing your carbon footprint whilst maintaining your individual fashion. Though it may take longer to find a majority of these clothes on the market, several people are becoming much more conscious in their effort to become eco-friendly. This means that you are much more likely to see this becoming the new way to shop in the near future.

With this in mind, there are a number of amazing companies out there that are providing eco-friendly fashion that looks great and feels great all year round.

If you have ever found yourself at a loss using so-called super glue, you are certainly not alone. While a high-quality glue can work wonders in some scenarios, it often fails where you need it most. Whether the materials being repaired are not conducive to the glue’s chemistry or the super glue just isn’t strong enough to get the job done, it is not uncommon to experience disappointment when using super glue for your repair needs. You might be wondering if there is a solution, and there most certainly is. The answer is a revolutionary product by the name of Bondic – a device allowing you to bond virtually everything effortlessly and without any of the mess associated with traditional glue products.

What is Bondic?

What exactly is Bondic? Bondic is a bonding system that utilizes a form of liquid plastic which hardens under a particular type of UV light. When exposed to the light, the liquid plastic hardens, allowing users to create bonds, bridge gaps, fill holes and cracks, and much more. When the plastic is hardened, it becomes much more resilient than the dry, hard form of super glue could ever be. Bondic does not dry up, it does not stick your fingers together, and it is non-toxic. What more could you want?

Ease of Use

Bondic is simple to use and even easier to transport making it the perfect solution for a large number of situations.  To use Bondic, all that is required is the Bondic device which is made up of two parts: the liquid plastic cartridge/dispenser, and the UV light. The dispenser comes has a built-in nozzle that can be used to apply Bondic to virtually every type of surface. Once the desired amount of liquid plastic has been applied, the UV light is then introduced to the site to harden the plastic bond in seconds.

Using Bondic is Different

Compared to traditional super glue alternatives, Bondic shares some attributes with glue but there are a few areas that users of this revolutionary product should be aware of.

  • Bondic is best when applied to surfaces that are either rough or have been sanded.
  • Bondic will remain in its liquid state until introduced the UV light, meaning it will not dry out over time or harden in places that you do not intend for it to.
  • Unlike super glue, Bondic can be layered to improve its effectiveness and overall strength.
  • Bondic works more similarly to a welder than a bottle of glue. It is essentially a plastic welding device.

Benefits of Using Bondic

There are many benefits to using Bondic. Not only is it much easier to use than super glue, but it is also cleaner, stronger, and more versatile. It can do the job of the super glue that we all know very well, but it can do much more in addition to that. For instance, since Bondic is a liquid plastic that can be hardened, it can be used bond materials that are not of the same composition, it can be used to create new parts from scratch, and much more. If you have been looking for an answer to all the shortcomings of super glue, Bondic is worth a look.

  1. Bellagio Conservatory and Gardens

The Bellagio is just one of the absolute most elegant accommodations on the strip as well as the Bellagio sunroom and yards are actually reflective of that atmosphere in a kid-welcoming setting.

The atrium is actually full of sculptures that are actually altered seasonally as well as produced completely from blossoms, plants, as well as vegetations.

  1. Bellagio Fountains

The Fountains of Bellagio are one of the most checked out destinations in every of Las Vegas and also you only need to go by facing the globe well-known resort to taking part.

The more than 1,000 water fountain choreographed water series begins every fifteen to half an hour as well as shoots water virtually 500 feet into the sky.

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  1. Fall of Atlantis Show at Forum Shops

The Fall of Atlantis has been actually lately renewed as well as happens in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Hotel.

The animatronic show takes place over the 5,000 gallon aquarium tank and also illustrates a fight over the fabled metropolitan area of Atlantis. Presents operate hourly on the hour and last eleven moments.

  1. Festival Acts at Circus Circus

Every kid loves a festival as well as at Circus the Carnival Midway is actually residence to free of charge circus behaves starting at 11:30 a.m. daily.

Circus Circus is one of the most ideal household helpful accommodations in Las Vegas as well as also the most extensive long-term circus on the planet!

  1. The Volcano at Mirage

Three opportunities each evening The Volcano at Mirage illuminate the face backyard of the hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to fire fireballs right into the heavens during the thrilling eruption.

Anybody strolling down the street at 8, 9, or ten during the night will definitely have the ability to enjoy this fascinating show supported by a rock n stone soundtrack.

  1. Pinball Hall of Fame as well as Museum

Located only off strip, the Pinball Hall of Fame and also Museum is 10,000 upright feets of just the largest compilation of pinball activities and keepsakes worldwide.

This museum levels to the public and not-for-profit including well-known activities from the 1950s-1990’s.

  1. Viva Vision Light Show at Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street adventure is actually located in Vegas’ Downtown and includes the planet’s most extensive online video display as the ceiling of this particular outdoor expertise.

Viva Vision play of light draws 22 thousand people annually along with high-resolution images as well as gig top quality noise along with much more than 12 million LED lights.

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  1. Wynn’s Lake of Dreams Show

The Lake of Dreams present is actually certainly not automatically open up to the pubic, yet it is actually free of charge.

The series, including a 40 foot falls total along with much more than 4,000 lightings, holographs, and also puppetry, could be found coming from the circular escalator coming from Parasol Up, the bar at Parasol Down, on The Show Terrace, or even coming from either SW Steakhouse or Lakeside.

  1. The Children’s Park at Town Square

Parents that need their children to escape some energy may relax at The Children’s Park beside Town Square Park.

This off-strip destination is free and features a plant home, rock wall surface, slides, fortress, links, water fountains, pretend services, puzzle, stage, restrooms, as well as cover sails with water fountains also.

When it comes to hands-on knowledge an apprenticeship has more credits, than what you can fetch from a university degree. Of course, a degree takes you to another status, but you cannot become a great employee at work just by having a qualifying degree. Learners by the hundreds are paying extra attention to apprenticeship news that they find online and apply for them to get real working skills. Let’s learn the reasons behind the increased popularity in apprenticeships.

Learning While Earning

Attending regular hours in a college gives you a lot of theoretical knowledge. Students, however, look forward to internships and sign up for them immediately. It’s because they can gain knowledge and earn money at the same time. Industrialists and corporate recruiters also prefer to hire young professionals who are ready to work as an intern in exchange for small pay. In that way, the young minds can gauge the working experience from a company and also earn to meet their needs.

Practical Training And Experience

Whenever you receive apprenticeship news for a new opening, you should immediately get a NOC from your university and join the company. Professors would assign extra credits to your performance if they see that you have successfully gone out of the box and finished an interview. You come back enriched with a lot of knowledge and your experience will help you in future.

Professional Qualifications

More universities are looking for an industry-academy collaboration for their students during the placement years. The hiring companies offer an apprenticeship role where boot camp training and hands-on knowledge transfer takes places between the employees and the interns. It helps apprentices gain qualifications beyond the university degree. They learn, industry-specific skills, troubleshooting steps, business and professional ethics even before they are a full-time employee.


Connections and networking are an important reason why you should not ignore any apprenticeship news. As an intern in a company, you can connect with a lot of people who might give you beneficial advice. You can talk with people and understand how you can shape your career. Communication will help any young professional have a deep insight into what he or she wants for her future.

Wide Choices

Often industries and corporates have fixed criteria for a role that they offer. It can be an age bar, a special degree, etc. But as an apprentice, you can work with employees as their assistants and gather useful knowledge. There is no long-term contract with apprentices. You can switch to a different industry and learn different work.

Grab the next opportunity you get to work as an apprenticeship. Have a continuous growth curve. All these work experiences will make you a versatile genius.

It Could Be Just What You and Your Team Need

Team building doesn’t always have the best image, but those myths are holding so many people back from reaping the rewards!

Team building is something that has become a huge part of company culture. However, considering how familiar we all are with it, there are still lots of misconceptions surrounding it. Here, we’re going to bust some myths – and tell you where you can find the very best team building activities London has to offer.

Once isn’t enough

One common misconception a lot of people have about team building is that doing it once is enough. That’s simply not true. While you will see results after one team building session, making it a regular occurrence is the best way of reaping the rewards. There’s no set amount of time that you should wait between team building events, but somewhere between six months to a year – or during times of stress or change – should work well.

You need to make an effort

There’s a general view that you don’t really need to be inventive or think too hard about team building. A lot of people assume that going out for dinner or drinks is good enough – but all that happens with those is people just mix with people they already know and get along with. If you take part in a really bold team building event in groups of people from different departments, you’ll really bring a team together.

You don’t need a huge budget

If you want to put together a really incredible team building event, you don’t need to have a huge budget. All too often, smaller businesses don’t even consider team building events, as they think that they will cost a lot of money. If you plan your activity with the help of a trusted specialist like Zing Events, they will work within the constraints of your budget without sacrificing on your vision and needs.

It’s not a negative experience

If you were to ask people to sum up team building in one word, chances are ones like ‘boring’ or ‘cringe-worthy’ would be common answers. There’s this view of team building as a negative experience that has really stuck around – and that’s a shame! Rather than a nightmarish situation dreamed up by sadistic managers, team building can be fun, fulfilling, and energising!

Zing Events have developed some of the most innovative activities for team building, held in some truly incredible locations.

It’s worth taking time out of the office

Far too many people write off team building as nothing more than a waste of time. If you are all working to tight deadlines, it can be hard to justify taking some time out. However, considering that team building can improve productivity, timekeeping and teamwork, it can really pay off in the long run. It’s a really solid investment in your workforce. Whether you take an afternoon off or a whole day, it will be time well spent.

Book your event today

Now that you can see just how beneficial team building is, why not arrange an activity for your team to take part in? Zing Events will help you to put an incredible event together, and you will all benefit from the activities you take part in. So what are you waiting for?

Easy and effective ways to go green

As well as helping the planet, improving your environmental performance also makes good business sense. Here’s how you can do it.

With climate change moving further up the news agenda every day, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. As a result, businesses who operate in an environmentally responsible way can steal a march on the competition – while those who refuse to change are likely to be left behind.

Improving sustainability can seem like a huge task, but there are some relatively simple steps you can take which can have a big impact.

Consider travel and transport

Travel and transport can make a huge contribution to your carbon emissions, so doing your best to reduce business-related travel can give your sustainability rating a significant boost. Use modern technology such as Skype and video conferencing to conduct face-to-face meetings without having to travel between sites and, where travel is necessary, encourage all employees to travel by public transport wherever possible. And apply the same thinking to the commute – make it easy for staff to travel sustainably by offering incentives such as season ticket loans and cycle to work schemes.

Get staff buy-in

When it comes to improving your environmental performance, your employees can either be your biggest asset or your biggest obstacle. Going green often requires a significant culture change, so it’s important to get your staff on-board from the very beginning. Give them the opportunity to get involved at an early stage by asking for ideas and suggestions on how to improve sustainability – this will give them a sense of ownership and help to keep them engaged with the project in the longer term. And don’t forget to celebrate successes; internal competitions and prizes for good performance will help to make sustainability fun, rather than just another thing on everyone’s to-do list.

Embrace modern working practices

In recent years we have seen a big shift towards more flexible working practices – and embracing this modern working culture can be an easy and effective way to reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Allowing employees to regularly work from home helps to reduce the amount of rush hour traffic on the roads, as well as cutting energy use in your company buildings – which in turn saves you money and cuts carbon. Flexible working policies are also highly valued by employees, so this is one measure they’re sure to get on board with.

Pursue accreditation

Making improvements to your environmental performance can be a difficult task and it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and lose motivation, particularly if you don’t quickly see the impact of your efforts. To help keep you focused and on-track, consider pursuing an environmental accreditation or certification such as ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 requirements will give you key actions and milestones to work towards, enabling you to measure your progress and ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

Green your supply chain

It’s easy to overlook, but greening your supply chain should form a key part of your sustainability strategy. Take a good look at your procurement policies and supplier contracts to ensure that you are buying as sustainably as possible, paying particular attention to elements such as packaging, use of materials and delivery methods. Making improvements in these areas can have a big impact on your overall performance.

Aim for continuous improvement

By implementing the above steps, you should see significant improvements in your business’ environmental performance – but it’s important not to grow complacent and rest on your laurels. Going green requires continuous improvement and long-term commitment – so always ask yourself ‘what else can we do?’ and ‘what can we do better?’. This desire to go the extra mile and make positive changes will help your company to be as sustainable as it can possibly be.

Any reasonably large event requires an apt venue. This is one of the major decisions you will be expected to take if you are in charge of holding the event. There are very few instances where you would have a suitable venue at your disposal that you own.  Even if you own a few venues, you should pay attention to the specific needs that are to be fitted for the particular event. Marriages require intimate venues; a musical event needs great acoustics. There are also a range of other factors that come into play. Proximity to the place where the guests are to come from could be detrimental to the level of participation at the event.

Benefits of hiring a venue

Even in most cases where a venue is readily available, it may not be the ideal option. Hiring a venue gives you many more options. You have the freedom to pick a place that is situated at better geographic locations. Venues also come with their set of amenities. A venue hire also doubles up as a way to get better amenities would increase the quality of the event. Some equipment may be unique to a certain type of venue only. To do suck kind of an event at a different venue would involve the unnecessary additional hiring of equipment and people to operate them.

The decision to find a venue in the house or to go for an event venue hire is usually clear right from the beginning. The challenge then becomes a little more complex as the venues would need to be evaluated on the basis of benefits and limitations. Once the availability, price, suitability etc. are taken into the equation, this decision becomes easier to make. One should also have an alternate venue in mind if the selected venue could not be used due to some unforeseen circumstances.  Also, the venue should be selected sufficiently in advance so that there is time to send invites to all the participants. It would give them enough time to plan their schedule and organise their travel plans accordingly.

An event is a word that’s loosely used to mean a range of gatherings that could be anything from a business conference to a rock concert. The specific type of event will enable the event planner to shortlist from the available set of venues. Ideally, they should visit the top five most suited venues and have discussions with the people there before finalising on the event venue. Visiting the venues in person will get you a better idea about how things would unfold on the day of the event. You may also be able to solve problems that you might have overlooked otherwise. The venue will be one of the biggest factors in any event. Hence it is a decision that’s not to be taken lightly. Important events sometimes would also have a rehearsal to make sure that every aspect works the way they are supposed to. Big events are also covered by the media. Any mishaps or shortcomings may affect the brand reputation of the organising entity.

What would you seriously consider when it comes to selecting the right management institute to pursue an MBA degree? Feeling a bit confused? Well, there are several factors which might be of utmost importance. A student does not only want to be proficient in the academic grounds but even expects holistic development. Universities that pay great attention upon the personality assessment prepares a better individual who confidently represents the organisation and works for the fulfilment of Organisational goals.

Well, this is not enough, institutes that avail better placement opportunities are highly preferred. When you are about to select any college like Amity Jaipur, you should considerably go through the placement statistics of the campus. Essential attributes that make Amity the best institute include:

  • Perfectly synced with the industrial needs: All tutoring programs are organised in a dynamic way but as per the courses of a particular semester. The tutoring methods keep on changing and students are prepared as per the modern scenario. All possible care is taken so that they remain updated and well aware of the modern industrial requirement. The university focuses on amalgamating the traditional syllabus with global trends in almost all courses.
  • Ensures multi-stage evaluation: To determine the efficacy of the students, the multi-stage evaluation process is followed. Only yearly examinations are not enough to determine whether the students are proficient or not. Rather, timely tests, internals, academic activities are conducted to judge the students depending upon their level of expertise. Grading is not just done on their academic proficiency. Overall personality is considered which is vitally considered during the placement.
  • Industry-based training: Activities and seminars are conducted in collaboration with the renowned companies at Amity University Jaipur. On a regular basis, the entire curriculum for the course is monitored and changes are made as per the industrial requirements. Better exposure allows students to adapt to the working situation without any fear. Moreover, they can confidently work in the new environment showcasing their skills and talents without any fear.
  • Feedback from the students: One of the vital aspects that makes the university a renowned one is the follow-up and placement reports taken by the students. The complete evaluation system of the university depends upon the regular updates taken from the graduate students and those who have been placed in different companies. Students provide their real experiences and show their gratitude towards the university how it helped them in boosting their careers.
  • Better linked internationally: Amity is the only educational group in India that has its campus in China, London, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Romania, Dubai, and Mauritius. It has been tied-up with the renowned international universities, research centres and laboratories that facilities faculty and student exchange, educational tours, curriculum development, joint research and many more. Students do not only learn on an international level but also remain aware of the probable changes going throughout the world.
  • Increased chances of working in MNCs: As it is linked internationally on different grounds, top MNCs approach the university to pick the fresher’s and shape their careers. Hence, the students avail the chances to work in top management positions in reputed companies.
  • Top-notch infrastructure: The faculties that teach in university travel around the world make the students aware of the ongoing changes around the globe. Apart from this effort-taking approach, they focus on providing a better learning environment for the students. Classrooms are well-conditioned, equipped libraries with approx. 100000 collections of books, periodicals, magazines and alike. Hi-tech research classrooms and better IT facilities allow the students to learn in a sophisticated environment.
  • Boosts your inner strength: MBA students are not only made skilled in the management sector. Rather, personal grooming classes are provided to shape one’s personality and confidence level. Special sessions and events are held that enhance one’s communication skills, negotiation skills, business etiquettes and alike. Just learning the theoretical aspects is not enough if one fails to practice it. Precise training and special classes allow the students to know about the real work scenarios.

Thorough learning and personality development sessions make the students highly qualified. Students should work in a determined way to avail success and get a reputable position in the companies. During placement, it is not only the test of the students but also the university that tutored him/her. The faculties take all possible steps to bring the hidden talents and make better professionals of tomorrow. They train you with amazing leadership qualities which is the essential requisite of an MBA student. Choose the institute and campus wisely if you genuinely want to get placed in the most reputable company.

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The necessity for proper human translation services has gone up with the beginning of internationalization of businesses. Online translation services have made internationalization of businesses easier. Any business organization can simply go to the Internet and find a Translation Services in Dubai to help it translate all its contents in any language. If you visit the website of Naffco- Dubai you will find that their website has been translated into Arabic, French, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian (Bahasa)  and Spanish.

NAFFCO FZCO is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, security and safety engineering systems. They  operate worldwide. They understood the necessity of translating their website into the above mentioned languages and approached a translation company in Dubai to help them in it. Likewise there are thousands of websites that are translated into multiple languages to target different language-speaking communities. It’s not an age where you must have a translator sitting in your office to translate your content. It is out of context now to have translators sitting in your office to translate your content. This is because of the cost control strategies. But Internet has made translation services in Dubai and elsewhere easier. Open your Internet browser and search for translation companies for any languages and you will get an unending list of translation companies. Just enquire with them, get a quote, compare the quotes along with samples of translation received from them, finalize the translation company that suits you and your work is done. This is all possible because of Internet. There are translation companies found in abundance in Dubai as it has become a hub for international businesses.

There are mainly 2 kinds of translation viz. Human Translation & Machine Translation. Machine translation is referred to all translation software that are powered by Artificial Intelligence.  It can also be defined as automated translation. In Machine translation computer software is used to translate text from one language to the other. The best examples of it are Google Translate, Bing Translator, Linguee, Wordlens, etc.

Machine translation is not regarded as reliable. Most of the times it gives hilarious and offensive translations. This hurts the reputation of the user company and destroys its brand in a new market. There are a huge number of facts about hilarious and offensive translations by Machines. This way the Internet helps take informed decision on choosing translation partners. Internet also helps us with reviews and ratings of translation companies. This is how it helps consumers to take a correct decision.

Machine translation can provide an approximation of the translation of the source text. The accuracy and usefulness of machine translation, however, varies greatly depending on the target language and the machine translation engine you are using. The accuracy of the source itself is one of the key factors in the efficiency of machine translation. Source text filled with colloquialism, incomplete sentences, incorrect punctuation, and ambiguous words and phrases might not be translated accurately.

Across all quarters in Dubai and other countries Human translators are preferred over Machine translators. Human translators are the most appropriate choice when it comes to serious translation. Machine translators and software can be used to interpret verbal short communications between two individuals with different language backgrounds.

If there’s one thing that a patient in a hospital and his or her caregiver is looking forward to, it is going back home. No matter how simple or how complicated their health condition may be, when the doctor says that it is time for discharge, there cannot possibly be any happier news to be heard that day.

Sure enough, a trip to the hospital or prolonged treatment to the hospital is quite intimidating for both the patient as well as the caregiver. But once a routine is established, things may seem more manageable, especially for prolonged treatments.

Hence, when it is time for the patient to go back home or to any other care facility, oftentimes the established routine gets broken and a lot of things go haywire.

Even though it is happy news for everyone, there are a lot of things that need to be carefully addressed and taken care of to facilitate a successful transition, as the patient still needs just as much or perhaps even more care, during and after transition.

This is an aspect that a lot of hospitals and care facilities overlook when it comes to discharging patients.

As per a survey conducted in Ontario to study post-hospital transitions, many patients were reported to not have received necessary information from their hospitals after the discharge.

In addition, more than half of Canadian patients surveyed, reported that they did not receive any documented care plans or information regarding possible symptoms to watch out for or whom to contact in case of emergencies. They were not offered any arrangements for follow-up consultations or hospital visits either.

These are the kind of issues that make the process of transition much harder for the patients and render their care routine useless. Especially if the patients are suffering from health issues with severe mental implications, a slight fault in the care routine can send them down a spiral of depression or anxiety.

What hospitals need to adopt is a successful care transition policy that ensures continued and uninterrupted care for the patients as well as less hassle for the caregivers. And the secret to a successful transition policy lies in “discharge planning”.

From a simple perspective, discharge planning helps ensure that the patient leaves the hospital facility safely, reaches home smoothly and receives the right care after that. It basically facilitates a hassle-free transition for both the patient and the caregiver.

In the process, the patient and the caregiver will be assigned a responsible discharge planner to take care of the process, and together with the caregiver an appropriate plan will be discussed and implemented.

Dr Brett Lanister of Halo Health Care says that the role of a discharge planner is most crucial and influential in the entire process of transition from hospital to home. It is up to the planner to clear all doubts that the patient and the family may have and make proper arrangements for follow-up consultations.

The discharge planner may be a nurse or a social worker or an administrator or even a case manager. Sometimes for complicated health conditions, a discharge planning team may also be assigned.

Some good practices for successful discharge planning are:

  • Prompt communication of vital information – Any important information relating to the diagnosis, tests conducted, their results, medication information etc. should be communicated with the patient and the caregiver immediately upon discharge ideally, or as soon as possible in case there may be pending results to be received. Vital information includes accurate contact information as well for emergency situations, the discharging physician, for follow-up care as well as for general enquiries
  • Educating and instructing the patients and caregivers using appropriate methods – All instructions related to post-hospital care at home regarding medications, food habits or lifestyle changes required need to be properly conveyed to the patient. It should also be ensured that they have understood and remember all instructions accurately using certain methods like the “teach back method” for example where the patient is asked to repeat their care requirements back to the discharge planner.
  • Reassessment of medication – At the time of discharge, there are chances that the medication requirements or dosage of medicines may have changed. The discharge planner needs to ensure that the medication list is double-checked for accuracy and also look for any contraindications.
  • Arranging for timely post-discharge follow-up visits or consultations – All discharged patients, especially the ones with complicated health conditions have to be followed up promptly to ensure that they are well and cared for. Hence, ideally a follow-up visit should be arranged by the planner with an appropriate outpatient provider within 7 days of discharge initially. Subsequent follow-ups should also be arranged according to the health condition of the patient.

Following these practices will help ensure a smooth transition of care from hospital to home. All hospitals need to adopt a discharge planning policy for all their discharge cases.