\Blake Goldring is presently the chief executive officer and chairman of AGF management. In 1997 he was the president, in 2000 he was the chief executive officer and in 2006 he was the chairman. It was in his time AGF was able to grow into a company which is highly independent investment management firm. It was in the leadership of Blake Goldring Toronto, the operations of the company have reached to Asia, Europe, United States, and Canada.

In January 2010 he joined Sunnybrook Health Science centre as board of director and in March 2014 he was appointed as Chair Elect/ vice chair. After that he was appointed as chair of the board of directors in 2015 June 15. He was also the member of quality committee and Governance and nominating committee of the board.

He serves many Boards including Toronto Financial Services Alliance as a Leadership council member, member of World presidents’ organization, member of Canadian council of chief ministers, C.D Howe Institute, Canadian film centre, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra along with serving Sunnybrook. He is the past director and past Vice Chair of Investment Fund Institute of Canada. Along with this now he is serving IFIC Ad Hoc Strategic Research Committee as a member.

For Canadian Army he is the Honorary Colonel. For Canada Company: many ways to serve; he is the Founder and Chair. This is being a charity helps women and men who serve in Canadian force and their respective families.

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Education and family:

He has done BA in Economics from University of Toronto. From INSEAD academy he has done Masters of Business Administration which is in France. In Toronto Society of Financial Analysis he is a member. He is CFA charter holder. Along with these he is a fellow of Institute of Bankers.

If we consider alumni there is a list from his family. His great uncle and grandfather were graduated of University of Toronto. His father was graduated from U and T. His name C. Warren and he was gave generous support for University college and for Victoria College. So there were footprint to follow for Blake Goldring Toronto. So, he did the same and in 1981 he completed his bachelor’s degree from Vic. Through giving generously to the University he honored families legacies.

He made contributions to U and T and Victoria along with his family members. He gave his full support by providing the essentials required for athletics and sports, physical fitness, student extracurricular, and for learning. At varsity centre he opened Goldring Centre for High performance Sports in 2015. For learning they he provided VicOne Jewison Stream in Imagination and the Arts. Now he is building Goldring Student Center.

This center will be dedicated to both for residents and commuter students. This will be treated as ‘home away from home’ which is his idea. This will be used by students to socialize, engage in activities, discuss and to gather. This place will be built so that it will be comfortable for students and meantime modern. Through this he is aiming to give good overall university experience to students.