As a gamer, you must be in love with your desktop. But you can’t take your gaming PC with you anywhere. For this, you need a portable gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are usually expensive as compared to regular laptops, but there are some affordable options too.

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Choosing a gaming notebook can be convenient as picking one with the latest Intel processor and a high-end NVIDIA graphics card. But you have to balance the graphics performance with the processor according to your budget, which is actually tricky. Buying a cheap gaming laptop under 500 USD means that you have to compromise on some features. From the range of $800 to $1000, you can expect a few compromises with some high-end specs. But you go under $800, some components will fall under the category of midrange and are not comparable with the high-end rigs. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get a cheap gaming laptop with good performance.

Features to Look For in Cheap Gaming Laptops

When it comes to the best cheap gaming laptop, there are certain features that you must consider before buying:


The processor is one of the vital parts of a gaming laptop. You must choose a processor that doesn’t bottleneck your graphics card. 6th, 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core processors are the norm when it comes to processors even for the cheap gaming laptops. AMD processors are only perfect for the casual games and they limit you to proceed further when you want to experience ultra-gaming.


There are some games that require just 8GB memory and there are some intensive games that need 16GB RAM. It depends on your choice which game you love to play. Look for a cheap gaming laptop that offers a smooth switching between the game and other apps. If you can find a laptop with upgradable memory, it will be a plus point.

Graphics Card

The graphics card should be the first feature in your mind when you visit the market for a gaming laptop. As a gamer, the graphics card is something you can’t compromise on just because of your budget. You have to match your needs to your graphics card. For instance, if you are just playing classic games, you can use GTX 960M, but these graphics cards offer lower performance as compared to GTX 1050.

A GTX 1060 graphics card falls in the budget category but for this card, you will be getting close to $1000 range. With GTX 1060 card, you need to get a laptop that supports the latest games for a year or two.

Video Memory

VRAM is another vital feature to consider. Video memory is the memory on the graphics card. Cheap gaming laptops start with 2GB and it can increase up to 6GB with the value of the card.


SSD is far better than the HDD. SSD is the wheel behind faster loading, reduced lag in gaming and quick booting. You have many options and you can stick to 128-256GB. With larger SDD, the price also enhances significantly.

Slim Design

When it comes to non-technical features, you must consider the portability feature of the gaming laptop. A 17-inch laptop offers a big screen but it might never leave your desktop. For this, go with 14 to 15 inches, these laptops are not bulky and you will not face any difficulty while carrying them from one place to another.

If you are looking for a slim design but do not want to compromise on the graphics, then opt for the gaming laptop with Max-Q. This technology allows even smaller graphics card to fit in easily and improves the portability of the gaming laptop.


With gaming comes the heat. Gaming laptops overheat due to high performance and for this, they need a proper cooling solution for them to perform well. Some latest models have multiple fans and vents in their cooling system. This provides smooth gaming without any damage or risk of being overclocked.


To get impressive gaming visuals and a clear picture, you have to get 1080p gaming laptops. 1080p gaming laptops offer nice imagery without being power hungry. IPS and NTSC panels are also essential to ensure anti-glare qualities. Another crucial factor is the refresh rate of the panel. 60Hz is the most common option when it comes to budget. 60Hz allows most games to play at high frame rates by equaling your display. It is difficult to find a cheap gaming laptop with NVIDIA’s G-Sync, it means power to the graphics card for the refresh rate of your laptop.

Battery Life

A good gaming laptop is the one that doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time. After all, gamers want convenience and look for the laptops with maximum battery life. So, it is essential to consider the battery timing of the gaming laptop that you want to buy. On the other hand, keep in mind that bigger battery also means more weight.


A gamer can’t ignore the audio features of the laptop. For a gamer playing a game filled with chaos, he or she needs to listen to the background as well, along with what’s happening in front. People who play Battlefield and Counter-Strike games can relate better. For the immersive gaming experience, you need exceptional audio.


There are many cheap gaming laptops, such as Asus Rog, and the above features will help you to choose the best one. A cheap gaming laptop offers an impressive gaming performance while making compromises that are not deal breakers. Gaming laptops are available under $500 but the truth is that these laptops are not able to play the latest games. If you want to play the latest heavy games, you have to go for the laptops between $600 and $800. It means that you can’t find a high-quality gaming laptop under $500. But if you can only afford gaming laptops under $500, then stick to older games or less intense games.

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