The use of audio and visual display technology in a business context is enjoying exponential growth. Used effectively,

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Audio and visual display which makes use of slideshows and sound to promote products or ideas has become a common feature of the boardroom. When it is used effectively with the correct ideas displayed on the best equipment it can be a great way to make your colleagues, investors or partners sit up and listen, buying into your ideas.

Use Equipment Wisely

One of the problems with the availability of the latest audio visual equipment is that it is tempting to over use. In some cases, things may be easy to explain by drawing a diagram on a flip chart or simply explaining an idea clearly and effectively with excitement and gusto. One of the problems with technologies such as PowerPoint is that people are often prone to hide behind their presentation, instead of demonstrating that they themselves are inspired by the idea or pitch. Audio and visuals can be used brilliantly to visualise material that cannot be explained through oral presentation. Examples include images of products or diagrams and charts which show statistics and figures. Audio is a great way to introduce what other people think about the product by including quotes. If you are using video and audio, make sure that the production values employed in the video are of the highest quality. A video may seem engaging, but if it is of poor quality, long and boring, it can be a guaranteed way of completely killing a presentation. Sometimes an image or audio sound bite is more effective than a video. If you do have a good video to include, make sure that you the presenter are able to bounce off it as soon as the clip has finished.

Practice Beforehand

One of the most important things about using technology in a presentation is to make sure you know how to use it and have practiced with the technology. Some people spend far too long building and designing a presentation and little or no time actually practicing it. In these cases they miss their cues, deliver the presentation with an awkward rhythm and are unprepared to respond to changes such as an interjected question in the presentation. It is also essential to practice in the space and with the equipment you are using, pre-empting any technology issues insofar as you can.

Get The Best Equipment

Because audio visual equipment has become such a standard feature of presentations, it will not necessarily impress in the boardroom. Using some really cool equipment rather than an old projector and pull-down screen may set you apart from the rest in a board meeting or pitch. Using hi tech audio and visual equipment, making use of multiple screens and quality audio such as surround sound can set you apart from the crowd and result in a far more immersive experience than that achieved through the use of older generation technology. Equipment is never a substitute for solid business presentation skills but it can certainly be a differentiator in today’s competitive business climate.