Technology is designed to obscure work from customers by making them feel comfortable and efficient to their daily needs. The basic three factors that determine the willingness of a customer to engage in self-service technology are:

  • They need to know what is expected of them
  • Their capability of doing what they are expected to do.
  • The customers also need to see the value the get from expending the effort.

Technology has rapidly changed the relationship of the companies and their employees and customers. The basic goal of the improvement in technology is to satisfy customers’ needs, offering them convenience and efficiency by offering a mix of goods and services, as well as increase their sales revenue.

As the kiosk usage increases, they greatly change the consumers’ behavior in many ways and this enhances the increase in the rate on investments as well as maximizing the satisfaction of customers’ needs. The more convenient the kiosks are, the more the order volumes. A smaller amount of time spent in acquiring the goods and services, the greater the increase in the order volumes. Some of the reasons why there is change in the consumer behavior are:

  1. When customers are using self-service automated system, they avoid the potential judgment that may arise when they are dealing with cashier. If consumers are able to avoid potential judgments, they will tend to order goods that are in line with their wants. This will make them happy customers and the result will be regular orders.
  2. Kiosks tend to encourage customers to increase the order size. This is unlikely to happen when customers are ordering goods and services from a cashier counter. They feel a sense of freedom as they reduce on the time taken when ordering. The result will be an increase in the volume of sales and revenue.

Customers, in addition to convenience and efficiency, they also opt for flexibility and freedom to place orders that perfectly suit their specific desires. From the above two main reasons, it is up to the company that they design their kiosks in a way that will entice the customersto adopt them from the services that will be available on the kiosks. If done right, the customer will be a happy and always return to order more as the reasons for her to use the kiosks are met at one point. This will be a win-win situation whereby both parties will be happy.