Home Media

There are a number of different forms of media that can be utilized to further your business’ reach, and expand your consumer base. One of the most potent ways to do so is to broaden your media marketing campaigns from merely social media or exclusive digital media to an out of home media strategy. Out of home media is an exciting way to reach prospective consumers who may not otherwise discover your business. It can bring in customers who may not have an immediate interest in your business from the start, or who may not discover it through alternative advertising means. But what exactly is out of home media? Wonder no longer as we dive into this beginner’s guide to understanding out of home media. 

Media Out of the Home

It may seem strange to say, but with the many different labels of advertising types, it is important to be clear about exactly what this type of advertising is. Luckily, this one is quite simple. Out of home media is any form of media advertising that is ingested outside of the home space. This means that it does not reach you on your home television, is not exclusive to your smartphone, and is not only found on radio. You have only to ask yourself whether or not the media targets its audience outside of the home.

A few great examples of out of home media are billboards, posters, outdoor digital advertising, or even a live show or demonstration. These types of displays are meant to bring in plausible viewers who may be driving, walking around, or utilizing public transportation. Because of this, out of home media can frequently target future customers with a more wide ranged method.

Why Use Out of Home Media?

So why is out of home media a good thing to utilize for your business or brand? A large amount of advertising in today’s day and age is targeted to individual niches through social media and web ads. While this has a number of applications, and poses a plethora of opportunities, digital advertisements can easily become lost in a mess of advertisements and content, and may miss out on your everyday viewers.

Out of home media poses a solution to this. It is easily seen by pedestrians, commuters, and weekend warriors. If someone has already seen your business or brand’s content throughout the digital sphere, then out of home media advertising serves to support what has already been provided. For those who would not typically access your brand’s content, this can provide them direction to your brand or business, to your social media or web pages, or to your eCommerce page. 

Is Out of Home Media Right for Your Business?

One of the biggest questions in regards to out of home media is whether or not it is a good fit for your business. In most situations, this depends on the type of business or brand you are running. Out of home media is a fantastic option if your business is local. Things like billboards and posters can lead nearby customers to your place of business, especially if they are looking for something that you offer. 

This type of advertisement may help to refresh someone’s memory of your business, or to excite them about the prospect of more deeply engaging with your business or product. 

If you are a nationwide business, or a more broadly offered product, out of home media can be a way to engage with your customer in a more organic way. This may help them feel as though they have developed a more individual relationship with your brand, and could help retain them more effectively over time. 

How do I Start Using Out of Home Media

The key to taking advantage of out of home media is to research, and experiment. There are certain locations that may be more effective at reaching customers, and a number of different hybrid and print styles you can utilize. Take time to research your region, and to discover where the best place to advertise to them may be. Create the proper types of visuals to reach them, and experiment with different locations and media types.

You can always start small with out of home media and figure out what works, but you may quickly discover that out of home media is what your business needs to push forward.