With a gear cutting machine, you can cut gears into different shapes and sizes in line with the market needs. A standard gear shaping machine comes with a cutting table measuring four feet in length and eight feet in width. This machine is ideal for cutting and shaping a standard metal plate to specific sizes as per the demands of the industry. Metal plates that are slightly bigger than the cutting table will need constant repositioning to achieve the desired dimension. This process is known as indexing. Excessive indexing not only increases work time but also sometimes affects the quality of the finished product. It is however recommended that every manufacturer should avoid excessive manufacturing as much as they can.

Uses of Gear Cutting Machine

A gear cutting machine serves a wide range of purposes. These include

  • Roughen out gear teeth
  • Gear fitting
  • Fine finishing of gear teeth
  • Cutting and shaping gear to the required dimensions

You can do more with your cutting machine. Further enhancement to the cutting machine increases its possibilities, as gear manufacturers can use it for other industry-related functions such as routing wooden shapes, spotting holes for drilling, and many more. Good news is that you can find a cutting machine that comes with additional features and enhancements best suited to your specific business needs.

Choosing a Gear Cutting Machine

There is quite an alarming number of manufacturers that sell gear cutting machines, leaving you spoilt for choice but it is advisable to do your homework. Likewise, gear cutting machines are available in different models and styles. However, the kind of machine to use depends on the purpose and function for which you are buying it for. To get optimal results, cutter machines should be operated by only a trained, knowledgeable operator.

While some cutting and shaping tasks might look simple and easy involving straight cuts, other operations can be demanding, involving bevel, excessive indexing, and other cutting styles, where the operator may have to shape, trim and ensure the metal plate is well-positioned.

Another factor you may want to consider is the availability of spare parts. Just as with other machines and equipment, gear cutters also are not immune to wear and tear. Wear and tear is an evitable part of any machinery, be it for home, commercial or industrial use.

When shopping for gear cutting machines remember to go with a company that provides fast, responsive customer support service. This way, you can get access to replacement parts as quickly as possible, thus reducing operational downtime.

Sales volume and profit margins determine the success rate of a company. Hence, buying the right gear cutting machine from a reliable manufacturer boost sales and increases profit margins, thanks in part to a more effective production process.