Glorilla Net Worth

How Much is Glorilla Net Worth? The question mostly appears in the mind of fans. In this article, you will explore her personality and net worth. Young rapper GloRilla is already making a major impact in the industry as she attempts to discover her identity. Although her time in the spotlight is still quite recent, she is working hard to establish a solid profession and demonstrate that she has a future in the business. 

Who is Glorilla?

Glorilla is an American rapper and influencer whose song “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” garnered her a Grammy nomination for best rap performance in 2022 and whose tune “Tomorrow 2” featuring Cardi B propelled her to the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, She now has a solid platform to build her artistic career and make a name for herself as one of the leading figures in her field. She continues to write songs and work on her music.

Early life

Gloria Woods was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 28, 1999. She was raised in the city’s Frayser neighborhood. Until she entered the fifth grade, she taught school at home. GloRilla started rapping and singing when she was 16 years old. She graduated from Martin Luther King College Prep. Moreover GloRilla aspired to be a singer before she started rapping, but she couldn’t sing. She is on the eighth number from her mother’s side.


GloRilla released her debut album, “Most Likely Up Next,” in 2019 and the extended play “P Status” the following year, in 2020. She did not develop many projects in 2020 due to COVID-19’s breakout, which put the world under lockdown. GloRilla went two years without releasing a significant project after they failed to do so in 2021. 

Furthermore, Gorilla and producer Hitkidd released “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” in 2022. The song quickly acquired popularity and received widespread acclaim. It also gave rise to the FNFChallenge, a TikTok challenge. The song’s remix, which included coworkers Latto and J.T., was released in September 2022. ‘F.N.F. (Let’s Go)’ would be remixed with Saweetie. Due to the song, the rapper from Memphis received two nominations for the 2022 B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards. The song was played at the occasion in October 2022 by GloRilla.

Besides In June, GloRilla and Duke Deuce celebrated the release of the single “Just Say That.” GloRilla engaged in a recording deal with rapper Yo Gotti’s label Collective Music Group the next month. She was featured on the Gangsta Art compilation CD. GloRilla released a huge song called “Tomorrow 2” at the end of the month, featuring Cardi B. Over 50 million people have viewed the song on YouTube since then. 

GloRilla and label mate Moneybagg Yo collaborated on the song “On Wat U On” in early 2023. Three people and seven others were hurt in a stampede during a performance in the second month of the year. The event occurred as people left the venue, and audience members thought they heard a gun sound.

Besides GloRilla has been nominated for three awards, including the Grammy, B.E.T. Hip Hop, and American Music Awards. The B.E.T. She will only receive a Hip Hop Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist in 2022.


GloRilla has released 1 E.P., 2 Mixtapes, 1 compilation album, 7 singles, and featured on tracks for her musical career.

  • Anyways, Life’s Great
  • Most Likely Up Next 
  • P Status
  • Gangsta Art (with C.M.G. as the label)
  • Don’t know (Remix).”
  • F.N.F. (Let’s Go) (with Hitkidd)
  • Tomorrow (featuring Cardi B)
  • Blessed
  • Nut Quick
  • On WatU On X MoneyBagg Yo
  • Internet Trolls
  • Ex’s x Lil Durk

Personal Life

Rapper Drake from Canada was considered Glorilla’s romantic interest in December 2022. The two rappers observe conversing and making Snapchat videos in a nightclub. Finally, GloRilla is not presently involved in a romantic relationship.

Furthermore, She addressed pregnancy rumors on January 20, 2023, when a picture of her growing baby belly went viral. GloRilla responded to claims that she is not pregnant and that the viral baby bump image was a hoax on social media.

Glorilla was accused of violating the copyright to the songs “Tomorrow” and “Tomorrow 2,” which included Cardi B, on April 19, 2023. Ivory Paynes, a former 90s New Orleans rap group Dog House Posse member, filed a lawsuit against her. Payne claims that GloRilla unlawfully sampled his “Street of the Westbank” tune to create her popular song “Tomorrow.”

GloRilla Height, Weight

GloRilla is currently 23 years old. She is 162 cm (5 feet 4 inches) tall and weighs about 52 kg (115 pounds). She also has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Glorilla Net Worth

GloRilla is an American rapper who, at a very young age, amassed a respectable net worth of $1 million due to her musical talent. The hip-hop and trap rap artist “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” gained much popularity since it included HitKidd, a music producer. The song received a nomination for Best Rap Performance at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Additionally, she released ” Tomorrow 2″ (with Cardi B), which peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100.

In Addition She became a celebrity due to these two songs. More than 50 million people have viewed GloRilla’s 2022 song “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” and the single “Tomorrow 2” on YouTube. She also has tracks like “Blessed,” “Westside Baby,” “Tomorrow,” “Nut Quick,” and many others that have racked up a ton of views on the video-streaming platform.

Social Media Accounts

Besides, only having a short time in the entertainment business, she has amassed a sizable online following on all social media platforms. She has more than 1.1M Twitter followers under the handle @GloTheofficial and more than 1.5M TikTok followers under the handle @glorilla03. Many videos and images of Glorilla and her friends having the time of their lives can be seen on her social media channels. The gifted rapper also advertises her concerts and products on the networks.

How Does GloRilla Make Her Money?

At $1 million, GloRilla has a respectable net worth. She became involved in the music industry in 2019 and has since amassed considerable wealth. Her work as a lyricist and rapper provides her with most of her income. Her record label deals, endorsement deals, album sales, features, team-ups, live performances, and many others provide most of her income. 

Furthermore, The popular up-and-coming rapper has over 400K fans on his YouTube account. She earns some money through the means both monthly and annually. Through the platform’s ad monetization of her music videos, she generates about $10,000 per year from the channel.

What has GloRilla so far achieved?

GloRilla became well-known after the F.N.F. challenge, and her song went viral on TikTok. Her music got more recognition because of this accomplishment, and her abilities were finally recognized.

Despite not having a full-length album available, GloRilla has already been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards. She has also received nominations for other prizes, including Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the A.M.A. Awards and Best Song of the Year at the B.E.T. She has received the Best New Hip Hop Artist Award from the B.E.T. Hip-Hop Awards and the Best New Hip Hop Artist Award from IHeartRadio Music.

Does GloRilla Have an Interest in Philanthropy?

Even though GloRilla’s career is relatively young, she has already demonstrated a keen interest in charitable endeavors. In September 2022, she gave $25,000 to her old school, Martin Luther King College Prep, as an expression of thankfulness to the institution. This was one remarkable act of kindness. She probably will support more charities as her profession develops and increases Glorilla Net Worth.

What Will GloRilla’s Future Look Like?

Due to the overwhelming reception to GloRilla’s music so far, there is a lot of excitement for her future. GloRilla can capitalize on her rising popularity and keep creating music that influences her and her audience. GloRilla hasn’t yet put out an album but has released mixtapes, an E.P., and songs and participated in the Gangsta Art collection. 

There is no doubt that GloRilla will keep refining her skill and pushing herself to become a better artist. GloRilla is unlikely to leave the spotlight any time soon, and she will probably continue to increase her wealth based on her career successes so far.


Finally American rapper and hip-hop recording artist GloRilla hail from Memphis. Her well-known singles are “Westside Baby” and “F.N.F.” On July 5, 2022, GloRilla became the first female rapper to secure a contract with Yo Gotti’s C.M.G. Imprint. Glorilla Net Worth is estimated to be nearly $1 million as of 2023.


How tall is Glorilla?

She is 4 feet 11 inches tall, equal to 148.5cm.

What is the Glorilla Real Name?

GloRilla, whose real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, was born on July 28, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee. She is an American rapper.

What is the age of Glorilla?

Glorilla rapper age is 23 years old.

Does Glorilla Have Kids?

Many Rumors are circulating on the internet that she was pregnant, but no one knew whether she was pregnant.

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