Nick Cannon Net Worth

Wondering about the gigantic assets or wealth of famous T.V. personalities, you may explore Nick Cannon net worth as consistent excellence. He is a well-known entertainment industry figure who has successfully performed acting, film shooting, television hosting, and record production.

Cannon is famous for his notable work for Hollywood and other famous programs. He got fame in the rapper industry as a multi-talented figure and songwriter. Nick worked as a main host character in different comedy shows and entertainment series. His diverse and dedicated work led him to new heights of success in his career. Below you can find more information about his journey:

What is Nick Cannon Net Worth?

Nick Cannon net worth has reached $50 million, according to reports from authentic sources. His net worth fluctuated over time due to various factors such as business ventures, investments, and ongoing projects. His net worth is influenced by his diverse career in entertainment, including hosting, acting, and music record production, as well as his entrepreneurial ventures.

Who is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon commonly known as Nicholas Scott, was born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California, USA. He is primarily known as a multi-talented entertainer, including being a comedian, rapper, television host, and producer. He has appeared in several films, including funny and action-oriented movies. Due to his speedy recognition, Nick Cannon net worth is a piece of discussion among the enthusiasts and his contemporaries.

Name Nick Cannon
Net worth $50 Million
Profession Television Host/Actor
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Nationality American
Age 1980

How old is Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is forty-three years old and has successfully achieved various projects. He has achieved different milestones during his life by introducing various music records, programs, and full entertainment stuff. Moreover, his acting work also has a famous attribute among his admirers. In addition, he looks energetic & young to form more content for his viewers.

Personal and Family Life

Nick Cannon was married to singer Mariah Carey from 2008 to 2016, and they tied the knot on Windermere Island in The Bahamas at Carey’s private estate. During their marriage, they welcomed two children, fraternal twins named Monroe and Moroccan Scott. However, in 2014, the couple announced their separation, which ultimately led to their divorce two years later.

As part of their divorce settlement, he was obligated to pay $5,000 per month for the support of their twins. He has children with six different women, including model Brittany Bell. They have a son born in 2017 and a daughter born in 2020 together. He attended Monte Vista High School. His parents are James Cannon, a televangelist (religious preacher), and Beth Hackett, an accountant. Cannon spent part of his upbringing under the care of his grandfather in Lincoln Park.

How many kids does Nick Cannon have?

Hollywood actor Cannon welcomed his 12th child in November 2022. This arrival comes a year after his current wife, DJ Abby De La Rosa, gave birth to twins. Nick and Abby shared the joyful news by posting a picture of their baby girl on Instagram. 

Before this, Alyssa Scott gave birth to her first child with Nick in June 2021. By May 2022, Scott, who is also the mother of Zilla’s 4-year-old child from a previous relationship, was pregnant again. He has seven more children with four other women, including his 11-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, whose mother is the singer Mariah Carey.

Relationships and Affairs

Nick and Mariah were in a relationship and then got a suspension in relations, which then turned into divorce. He often faces criticism due to his relations with different women. Nick has twelve children from six different females. In addition, he got his last baby boy in 2022. 

Moreover, he has been in a relationship with Milian for only two years. His affairs are well-known with different ladies, and he continued dating for some time. After some time, he had to withdraw due to mutual disagreement in the relationship.

Nick Cannon Bio, Age, Height

Nick Cannon’s age is 43 years old, as he was born in 1980. His source of income is mostly due to the television content as a T.V. personality along with film production. Nick’s height is as high as he is of six feet. His weight is pretty interrelated with his height as he is six feet taller and weighs eighty kg. 

According to some literary content producers, his net worth increased due to his influential personality. He doesn’t look fatty and unfit in formal dress during the hosting shows and films. Moreover, his ethnicity belongs to Afro American group, and his birthplace is Nicholas Scott Cannon.

Career & Ventures

In 1998, Cannon made his debut on television with a role in the series “All That.” From then on, he became a regular presence on the small screen. Cannon took part in various shows like “Sports Theater with Shaquille O’Neal,” “Kenan & Kel,” “The Parkers,” “Cousin Skeeter,” “Whatever It Takes,” and “Taina.” In 2014, he also had a memorable appearance in the popular comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

As a television host, he has been involved in various projects, including hosting and producing the popular T.V. show “Wild ‘N Out.” He has also been the host of other programs like “America’s Got Talent” and “The Masked Singer.”

Nick Cannon net worth trajectory is remarkable. He quickly made a name for himself on the club circuit as a teenager, and by the age of 17, he became the youngest staff writer in T.V. history for the sketch series “All That,” in which he also had an on-screen role. Following this success, he ventured into more mature content with “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV.

Music career

In addition to his acting career, Cannon ventured into the world of music and rap. He was a member of the group known as “Da D4 Dope Bomb Squad”, which had the opportunity to open concerts for notable acts like Will Smith, 98 Degrees, LFO, and Montell Jordan. In 2003, Cannon released a self-titled album, which achieved sales of 200,000 units in the United States. The album featured several noteworthy tracks, including “I Used to Be In Love,” “Gigolo,” “Attitude,” “You,” and eight other singles.

In addition to his acting and music career, Cannon became a well-known figure by hosting reality competition series like “America’s Got Talent” and “The Masked Singer,” where he also held the role of executive producer. His multifaceted career has indeed solidified his status as a household name in the entertainment world.


He started as a teenager in this era by participating in the rap group. He performed along with Romeo Miller in 2001 and covered the hit songs of the 1988 era. He introduced his personal record album in 2005. After that, he spent his time in the acting career. In addition to his roles in rapping and acting, he has robust hosting talents. His hosting journey began in 2002 when he took on the roles of producer and host for “The Nick Cannon Show.”


In this era, he bothered about abandoning the previous record label and formed the latest label with the title N’Credible. Nick formed a parody hip-hop in 2010 after compiling the new content. Moreover, he released two songs along with freestyle rap.


Nick introduced a new single album entitled The Various Collaborations with Popular Rhyming Schemes. He worked on a record-producing album and released music video stuff in 2014. Moreover, Cannon released a single-role music production in 2016. In addition, he further extended the work of his contemporaries and formed the latest versions in 2019.

Reason of Fame

Nick gained fame primarily for his roles as a television show host, especially for shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Wild ‘N Out.” At a young age, he developed a keen interest in becoming an entertainer. He began performing stand-up comedy for his father’s local cable TV show when he was just 11 years old.

Later, he secured various comedy roles at “The Laugh Factory,” “The Comedy Store,” and “The Improv.” Some of his notable film roles include “Drumline” (2002), “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” (2003), and “Roll Bounce” (2005). However, his career and fame are notable for his work in the television industry.

Cannon’s Artistic Work

Nick Cannon indeed created “Wild ‘N Out,” a musical improv show. However, he no longer owns the rights to the show. He hosted “America’s Got Talent” from 2009 to 2016 with earning $70,000 per episode. With an average of about 24 episodes per season, his annual income from the show would be around $1.7 million per season. However, some unverified reports suggest a higher salary of $4.5 million per season.

Considering the lower estimate, for hosting eight seasons of the show, he would have likely earned around $13 million from “America’s Got Talent.” It’s important to note that salary figures for celebrities can vary widely depending on other factors, so the actual amount may fall within this range.

Luxurious Assets

Cannon indeed has an impressive car collection valued at around $2 million, showcasing his love for luxury vehicles. Notably, he has a strong affinity for Rolls-Royce cars and has owned seven of them at one point. Some of the notable vehicles in his collection include:

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe
  • Ferrari California
  • Customized 2020 Toyota Tundra
  • 2006 Ford GT
  • Ferrari 599, also worth $300,000
  • Mercedes-Benz G Wagon
  • Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

This impressive car collection reflects both his passion for luxury automobiles and his financial ability to invest in such appreciating assets.

Nick Cannon Lifestyle

Nick Cannon is known for his investments in high-end fashion, particularly acquiring unique and expensive items that make a strong visual impact. One of the standout pieces in his fashion collection is a pair of bespoke Tom Ford shoes valued at an astounding $2.2 million. These shoes were adorned with diamonds by jeweler Jason Arasheben.

He wore these dazzling shoes at the America’s Got Talent season 9 finale, where he stole the show. These extravagant footwear creations required a remarkable 2,000 person-hours to craft and feature an astonishing 14,000 full-cut diamonds set in white gold, totaling an impressive 340 carats. They truly embody the “wow” factor in the world of high-end fashion.

Nick Cannon’s footwear collection is impressive, including some of the most expensive and unique shoes in the world. His collection showcases a diverse range of luxury and exclusive footwear, reflecting his passion for high-end fashion and unique styles.

Cannon’s Annual Income Potential

In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, Cannon stated that he earns an annual income of $100 million. He explained, “When you think about my lifestyle, I have to generate at least $100 million a year.” Furthermore, he made a comparison to Ryan Seacrest, saying, “Many people assume Ryan Seacrest has substantial wealth. I take on all the roles he does, maybe not tenfold, but certainly threefold because he’s involved in numerous projects.” 

This statement provides insight into the scale of his earnings and the extent of his professional endeavors. In a 2022 interview, he disclosed that he pays significantly more than $3 million annually in child support for his 12 children (and more may be on the way). 

He emphasized, “I definitely spend a lot more than that on my children annually. I don’t plan to ever have to rely on the government’s child support system.” This statement highlights his commitment to financially supporting his children without depending on external assistance.

Business Experiences

Nick has earned a lot of media fame over some years due to his active role as a screenplay personality. He owns the N’Credible Entertainment production firm, his personal brand recognition worth thousands of dollars.

It is a record label production company that provides potent revenue through films, music, television content, and other entertaining creations. Nick Cannon net worth significantly increased with gradual progress due to successful business ventures.

What is Nick Cannon family net worth?

Cannon’s family counts among the richest families with worth in millions. The main contribution to this achievement is obviously due to his prominent role. Comedians on the show have indicated that they made substantial amounts, such as $27,000 to $50,000 per episode, when “Wild ‘N Out” was on MTV. However, their earnings reportedly dropped to $1,000 per episode after the show moved networks. 

Nick Cannon Endorsements

Nick Cannon has earned a lot of fame by introducing various brand endorsement schemes. His collaborations with different firms and business agencies provided him ultimate fame in the field of business. Different range of products are available through these joint ventures. Cannon has introduced various brands on diverse channels. 

Moreover, he has endorsements with some well-reputed companies and brands, including the Honda civic, Express Smile Atlanta, Boost Mobile, and other brand portrayals. Overall, Nick Cannon net worth is prevalent through these endorsements.

Charity Work

Nick Cannon net worth has been crossed over $50 Million due to his dedication and excellent performance. He has earned a name as a popular T.V. personality in USA and other territories due to huge viewership and audience admiration. He has donation funds and charity programs to support needy people from different parts of the country and worldwide access. 

Nick has associations through different charity organizations, such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, and A Place Called Home. Moreover, Nick has a soft corner towards the deserving people and donates maximum benevolent funds to the needy.

Scandals & Controversies

The Wild ‘N Out has been Cannon’s long consecutively comedy show that uniquely recognized him. During this comedy program, he made anti-semitic remarks in between the podcasts. For account of these remarks, he had to leave the show after getting fired. ViacomCBS currently holds ownership of “Wild ‘N Out.” 

After facing the consequences for making controversial remarks on his podcast, he demanded his transfer but could not get a positive response. The organization in which he worked later clarified why Nick did not show any regret or claim an apology. 

After some time, Nick realized that his remarks could have hurt the community. So, he overviewed his reaction and admitted a categorical apology from audience. He believed the words could be better used, but overall, his purpose was pretty clear.

Awards and nominations

Nick Cannon has won the Actor of the Year award after being admired for his performance and excellence. Cannes Film Festival is the orientation event where he is a nominee with the title of “Bobby” due to Teen Choice & NAACP Image Nominations. He is a versatile character whose name is popular as an entertainer for bringing full amusement. Furthermore, he holds of world record under the Guinness title as the youngest television host in America. 

During his eight-season tenure as the host of “America’s Got Talent,” Cannon earned a substantial fee of $70,000 per episode. His impactful hosting on the show earned him two nominations for Best Reality Show Host at the Critics Choice Television Awards. According to report, Cannon earns an impressive $5 million per season for his role as the host of “The Masked Singer.” 

Cannon received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Competition Program for his work on “The Masked Singer.” Additionally, he earned his fourth nomination for the Kids’ Choice Awards as Favorite TV Host, further solidifying his status as a beloved and respected host in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Accounts

Cannon diversified his career with podcast releases and ventures into the rap music scene, although some of these might not have been as successful as his other endeavors. Nick Cannon net worth is estimated in millions due to his immense social media support and fan following. In addition, he is available on Instagram with the handle @nickcannon

Cannon has over four million followers on Twitter and often shares some upcoming productions. Viewers can follow him on the Twitter platform with the title @NickCannon for the latest updates and feedback. 

Nick makes time-to-time videos for his YouTube followers at @NickCannon to remain in touch. Moreover, his followers enjoy his episodes and stay in touch with him through social channels apart from TV.


Nick Cannon net worth potential is widespread with his giant worth empire through luxury cars, residences, and investments. His early love for music eventually transitioned into a passion for stand-up comedy. This shift occurred when he found the opportunity to perform on his father’s public access T.V. 

In addition to his television work, Cannon expanded podcasts and rap albums, although some of these ventures might not have been as successful. He also left his mark in the film industry, starring in notable movies like “Roll Bounce,” “Drumline,” “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” and more.

Cannon’s presence in the entertainment world extended beyond acting and music. He became a household name as a host, overseeing reality competition series like “America’s Got Talent” and “The Masked Singer,” where he also took on executive producer responsibilities. At last, his career path has indeed been diverse and filled with accomplishments.