Healthy Ageing

The most important consideration when choosing aged care is your loved one’s needs. Whilst there are numerous options available, many people are choosing in-home aged care through a trusted provider, and for many good reasons. In-home support allows your loved one to retain their independence and continue to live in the same way as always, only they will have an extra helping hand to provide support!

So, why is in-home support the perfect option for your relative? Let’s take a look at the reasons below:

1. Continued independence

 One of the main problems elderly Australians face with options like retirement villages is losing independence. But with the best in-home aged care Ingleburn has, you can trust that your loved one will be able to retain a much higher level of independence. The support worker will be there to assist your relative with daily tasks like cleaning, cooking, dressing etc. whilst helping them to enjoy their lives the same way they did before.

What’s more, it provides a new social opportunity for your loved one, ensuring they can live independently but with a new companion in the process!

2. It provides flexibility

 Your relative’s support provider will create a specific plan based on their needs and preferences. This can include everything from providing assistance with daily tasks to providing medical assistance and transport. This option creates far greater flexibility, as a tailor made service exists to provide help for your relative’s needs.

What’s more, an in-home service ensures that your relative has the direct support they need if they need it. The flexibility and continued, direct assistance is something families who utilise this service value highly, as it ensures your family member has the specific assistance they may require!

3. It offers greater privacy

 One of the main problems with services like retirement villages is the loss of privacy. Many elderly residents prefer to have their own comfortable space. Therefore, in-home services allow them to stay in their comfortable zone with continued privacy. What’s more, any concerns must be dealt with confidentiality, further ensuring greater privacy for your family member.

4. It offers safe transportation

One of the main benefits of in-home support is that it offers safe transportation options. Getting around can become difficult for elderly residents, and so it is important to have someone there that can provide reliable transportation to appointments, social events etc.

5. It’s a cost-effective option

 In-home services offer a cost-efficient alternative to other options like retirement villages. You may have access to Commonwealth Home Support or a Home Care Package that ensures you can receive this awesome service for a much cheaper price. Retirement villages can be quite expensive without the same level of assistance that in-home packages offer, so it’s really no comparison when it comes to receiving the best value for money!

6. Greater quality

 It is imperative that your relative receives the very best standard of care available. Unfortunately, in places like retirement homes, this is often not the case. Residents are often overlooked and this can make it an unfortunate place to retire, especially when you would like to continue living with a level of independence and privacy.

Thankfully, this service provides ongoing, tailor-made support with a singular provider who is there to look out for your loved one’s needs. This often means they receive a much higher level of assistance than is found with other options, as it is a client-specific approach that is designed to ensure a high standard of living!