Even during ancient times, shopping has been never a big deal for men as it was for a lot of women. Ancient people’s communal setup developed women as very careful gatherers, while most men were trained to be excellent hunters. Women had to be meticulous and diligent not to pick the wrong fruits, as they might be poisonous to humans.

On the other hand, guys needed to act carefully and quickly, or their prey might get away. This imprint can give us an idea as to why women used to shop more compared to men. However, just as men aggressively targeted their prey during these times, modern men do not really go shopping; they only purchase what they want and need.

The Cro-Magnon way of impulsive and fast-twitch hunt instinct has translated into straightforward but simple impulse buying in today’s digital age. That is the same reason why digital shopping for most men has been driving the e-commerce industry to greater heights. According to recent studies, 70% of guys do most of their purchasing online.

Not only that, 25% of men make a weekly purchase, which proves that they can be a profitable audience when it comes to dropshipping and e-commerce. Creating online stores targeting men could be pretty rewarding, financially. But deciding the items to sell can be a tough endeavor, especially if entrepreneurs do not have an idea about what guys usually buy or items that carry satisfactory profit margins.

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When starting a shopping business on the Internet exclusively for guys, business owners do not have to sell items that other businesses are selling. You do not also want to sell things no one is interested in. Instead, entrepreneurs wish to play in an industry where competitions are pretty low, but the demand is high. Listed below are some items entrepreneurs need to consider selling that guys purchase consistently but are not carried by a lot of online shops.

Camping backpacks

A lot of guys need to get out of their houses consistently. If they are not much for yard work, hiking on the mountainside or long-distance trekking can be healthy alternatives. Guys are pretty active when it comes to choosing adrenaline-pumping activities, but they do not feel like looking for quality camping backpacks in malls for hours. What is more, the outdoor adventure industry is filled with excellent buyers.

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Guys need to keep things in one place, especially their vehicle maintenance tools. But not all online shops that target gentlemen offer toolboxes for their target market. Entrepreneurs can start their e-commerce shops by selling affordable but high-quality toolboxes and later expand their sales to vehicle maintenance tools for wider market opportunities.

Motorbike helmets

The aftermath of motorbike accessories and helmets are very profitable. Most brands offer various helmet types like modular, half-face, dual sports, and full-face ones. It can also dropship items straight to the customer. It is an excellent option, as it taps into a widespread niche and serves both stylish and functional purposes.

Power and hand tools

Shops can try to sell quality power and hand tool brands like Bosch, Makita, Delaware, and Milwaukee. Business owners will notice how few the rival in selling these items on the Internet. According to experts, the competition rating for these items is pretty low, while its successful sales rate is at least 40%.

Grooming items

Everyone needs these items, but most gentlemen feel pretty silly looking for and purchasing scrubs, lotions, shampoos, and hair conditioners in public. By selling these kinds of items online, entrepreneurs are not only increasing their chances of getting sales, but they are also helping guys who have a fear of shopping for feminine things.


Although there are a lot of websites selling various types of shoes, there are still guys surfing the Internet for quality and a good pair of footwear. Shop owners definitely do not want to join competitors and just be another shop that most people will overlook. Online shops can design their own niche by selling one specialty footwear at a time. They can be a niche authority on a specific kind of shoe, like basketball sneakers or running shoes.

Specializing in a particular category of footwear provides business owners all sorts of exciting and compelling content marketing options. Shop owners do not need to compete with other men’s shoe shops. They need to cut through the noise and become an authority in their chosen niche.