So your laundry business is up and running, you received capital from firms like Clean Venture Fund, and now, you are ready to generate income!

While the laundry industry is thriving, you can’t expect people to flock to your new business and expect to make a profit immediately. Just like other businesses, you should NOT sit pretty and wait for the sales to come. You will need to have effective marketing strategies that will bring in even more customers.

To help you out, here are some innovative strategies to approach current and potential customers for your laundry business.

  1. Use Google Ads

Google is the biggest search engine worldwide, with more than 3 billion online searches daily! With a ton of traffic, businesses that want to gain publicity should take advantage of Google Ads and local SEO.

The first strategy you should implement is to advertise your laundry business with Google Ads, which positions your business on the first part of the search engine results page of the search engine.

When you advertise on Google, you have more control over other kinds of advertising, because you can direct the advertisement to a local and more specific audience. That way, you target your ads around the location of your laundry business and where your customers are found.

When using Google Ads, make sure that you highlight your business’ unique benefits, use a convincing language, and add your price! Make the most of your ad’s character limit and ensure it is compatible with phones and smaller devices.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to generate profit, even for laundry businesses! Email still continues to be an effective way to communicate with customers.

Encourage people to leave their email after transacting with you or when they visit your website. Once you collect an email list of customers, create monthly newsletters to stay in contact with current and potential customers. This will generate interest and have your business stand out, making them more likely to choose you for their laundry needs.

Further entice them to head to your business by offering exclusive incentives, promos, and discounts, or even a referral program.

  1. Utilize Print Advertising

While we talked about online advertising and ways of communicating, don’t forget traditional marketing strategies. Offline marketing is still effective for local businesses and you can reach out with these methods:

  • Send postcards to your local community
  • Create business cards you can use for networking
  • Print flyers and give them out to passersby
  • Invest in print advertising around the local area, such as local billboards, a place on the newspaper, on vehicles, and the like

When using this strategy, make sure that your print ad designs are enticing, and you may include promos or discounts for those who kept your ads.

Wrapping It Up

It is a bit difficult to market amid a pandemic, but it isn’t possible thanks to local SEO and the power of the Internet! Follow these marketing strategies now to keep your laundry business alive and growing.