Melbourne is a city that certainly feels the winter chill. Grey days, icy mornings and an arctic breeze that whisps through the frightful air, it’s a city that really feels the chill in the frightful months of the year.

But Melburnians are a fun and creative bunch, and so whether we stay home or head out, there are always plenty of fun activities to help us beat the winter blues!

People living with a disability can also enjoy some of these fantastic winter day activities, too:

1. Indoor gardening

Okay, Melbourne can get pretty icy, and so it’s not as if we want to spend all day freezing in the garden, so the best disability service providers Melbourne has will always recommend indoor gardening to help beat the chill.

There are plenty of gorgeous year-round flower varieties you can place on the window ledge, basking in the midday, fresh-air sun, or you can grow a variety of herbs to add to some hearty winter meals – the choice is yours and the choices are plentiful!

2. Crafting the days away

Because who doesn’t love crafting, especially when it’s such a great pastime on a cold winter’s day? Whether it be trying your hand at crocheting a winter scarf or beanie, learning to make new pots for the outdoor gardening days to come, joining an art class with friends or learning to papier-máchê, there are plenty of ways to get handy around the home in the frightful months of the year and these are just a select few of ‘em!

3. Wholesome winter meals for the family to enjoy

Because what says a cosy Melbourne winter’s day more than preparing a hearty, nourishing meal for friends and family? Whether with the assistance of your support worker or not, there are so many delicious meals you can make using a myriad of Aussie winter ingredients like broccolis, carrots, cauliflower, leeks and any protein you wish to put in, really!

4. Enjoy some exercise

Melbourne is the world’s sporting capital and that’s just how it is. Therefore, we don’t let the winter hold us back when it comes to getting active in the bay, on the fields and up in the hills, either!

Whether it be for a spot of winter swimming, exercising in the local park or going for a refreshing hike up in the Dandenongs, there are endless options for keeping fit and healthy even when all we really want to do is curl up on the couch with some choccy and a film.

What’s more, you’re never short of options for watching sport, either, with the AFL and NRL in full swing at this time of the year, something that really helps Melbourne live up to its reputation as “The Sporting Capital of the World”.

5. Enjoy a new book

But when the weather really hits the frightful moment, when you can’t even fathom heading out in that arctic bite, one of the best things to do is relax on the couch with a fascinating book to read.

Whether it’s a hard copy, Kindle copy or Audible, one of the all time winter activities is to simply kick back, relax and enjoy a nice book on the couch, doona and all!

See, the city doesn’t have to stop just because of the winter months, and given that they seem to drag out longer than summer, we might as well make the most of them with some of these super fun activities!