Paralysis is a deadly disorder. It can be considered almost equivalent to a curse. This is not a genetic or epidemic disease but it may happen to anybody and everybody for several reasons. One of the most popular reasons behind paralysis is cerebral thrombosis or stroke. Stroke might happen due to a number of reasons. At times it is due to hematoma or clotting within the brain again due to severe sodium-potassium imbalance the tissues in brain ruptures leading to cerebral thrombosis. This rupture cannot be prevented by any medicine but it can be helped by neurological medicines. However, as the brain controls the nervous system in our entire body, as the brain nerves dysfunctions our body gets paralyzed. But paralysis may be caused by severe injuries in nerves due to some kind of accident or due to any other neurological problems.

What is paralysis?

Paralysis can primarily be defined as less or no muscle movement in our body. There is a dysfunction in the way messages are transferred from brain to the different body parts mainly muscles. Paralysis can be of different types. It can be complete paralyses as in when all the muscle movement in our body stops it can be partial where only either one side of the body is affected or both or a particular area of the body is paralyzed. For example one can have facial paralysis this is when the facial muscles are only affected the rest of the body muscles function normally. Again due to strokes people usually undergo paralysis either on the right side of the body or the left which can be widespread later if the thrombosis doesn’t stop. Paralysis caused by severe injuries can affect either the lower part of our body including both the legs which is called paraplegia or on the upper part of the body. Paralysis of both arms and legs is called quadriplegia.

Other causes of paralysis:

Other than stroke or accident there can be several other causes of paralysis such as spinal cord injury. If the entire spinal cord is injured it might lead to complete paralysis if only the lumbar region is affected it might lead to the paralysis of the lower part of the body that is paraplegia. Even neck injury can lead to paralysis if it affects the spine or the se of important nerves that connect with the spine. Other diseases like, cerebral palsy, amitrophic lateral sclerosis, Guilane Barre syndrome and Bell’s palsy cause paralysis. Amongst these Bell’s palsy causes facial paralysis mainly.

Treatment for paralysis:

Till date doctors couldn’t find complete cure for paralysis unless the body heals itself on its own. However there are several treatments to help improve the condition of the patients. There can be physical treatment that is helping the patient by massage, heat, rays and others that is done mainly through physiotherapy. There are renowned physiotherapy in Delhi for paralyzed patients. There is occupational therapy which helps to perform day-to-day activities. Using manual or electric wheelchair or scooters are recommended by doctors in order to provide the patient with mobility aids. Similarly supportive devices like braces, cranes and walkers are also pretty useful. One can go for assisted technology such as voice-activated computers, telephones and lighting systems and also adaptive equipment like special utensils for having food and controls for driving a car. These are the known methods of paralysis treatment along with proper medication and psychological treatment so that he or she doesn’t succumb to depression.