Short News Is The Way Forward

News content is one of the most popular mobile content, 1 out of every 4 people have a minimum of 2 online news apps. The number of apps downloading is rising day by day, changing the way people access the latest news to catch up on what’s going on around the world. Nobody wants to feel left out in their group when it comes to the latest news or what’s happening around their locality, political news, global news. This is why to stay Up-To-Date with the current events many of us are turning to digital news.

Newspaper reading has significantly decreased as the news app gives the accessibility and convenience to get the latest news while commuting to the office, traveling back from work, wherever and whenever we want to without the hassle of carrying the newspaper. People can gain access to all the categories of news, whether global, sports, entertainment, breaking news, with ease. However people appear to be more drawn to shorter news articles or audio news updates to go along with their “always on the move” lifestyle. There are a lot of news apps like Inshorts, Short Breaking news, Shortpedia which summarises the news and headlines in 70- 80 words and updates you with the latest news so that you don’t have to go through the long articles.

Majority of the major news apps in India were developed for an english speaking audience, which effectively limited the scope of news being reported and alienating hindi speaking users. This is where the Shortpedia app comes in, specializing in providing news readers with shorter articles and audio news reports. This form of providing app users with short news updates keeps them more engaged in this fast paced world. In fact they concentrate on providing both english and hindi news articles but with shorter articles being their focus. With their moto “Short Mein Niptao”, they aim to provide 70 word short articles offering the latest news. If you are looking for a bit of entertainment, enjoy the latest trending videos in India from Youtube and Facebook which you can then bookmark and share with your friends. Their video aggregation tool means that you would watch only the video news updates that interests you. Shorpedia has the latest breaking news in various categories like Business, Technology, Politics, Sports, Automobile, Weather and Celebrities. Plus you can save news articles to be read offline later too!

In conclusion, short news is the way forward. To keep news readers coming back, apps need to follow the current trends rather than having long news articles which app users are less likely to read through. Shortpedia with it’s 70 word articles in both Hindi and English is just the app to do that for you, in whichever category interests you!