Wave Inverters

It’s 2023, and pure sine wave inverters are still the best power system in the game. Why? Because they are not only perfect for individuals but for company fleets, boating operations and cross-country caravans, easily supplying power when it is needed!

It’s for this reason – and the others we will demonstrate – that pure sine wave models still run the game in comparison to their modified counterparts.

Let’s find out exactly why below:

The outstanding benefits of pure wave designs over modified

The pure sine wave model, like the legendary 2000 watt Enerdrive inverter, has a huge range of benefits, including:

  1. They come with a complex design that creates AC wave power output. This output is similar to what you may receive from a commercial property’s power supply, ensuring a specified design that increases power supply and produces a higher quality approach to energy supply in the case of an outage or hard job.
  2. The 2000 watt Enerdrive inverter provides incredible value for money as they can work with even the most sensitive of electrical gadgets. They offer a fully charged power supply that lasts as long as you need the technology, thus producing a quality power supply for even the most electricity-centric gadgets (modified versions often pale in comparison when it comes to producing a powerful supply for sensitive electronics!).
  3. They are far more trustworthy and reliable than their modified counterparts especially when it comes to outages. What’s more, if you’re taking a trip across the country and require a reliable, ongoing power source, you can trust that this legendary design will provide you with the power you need to keep connected.
  4. They are just a more comprehensive design. And, although their price tag may be a little higher than modified versions, you simply can’t look past their high quality ability to provide ongoing, consistent power when in a tricky situation!

They have a wide range of applications

Pure sine wave inverters, like the legendary 2000 watt Enerdrive inverter, can be used across a range of applications, including:

1. Home requirements

This style is perfect for its ability to create AC power in the unfortunate event of an outage. If your home or region are susceptible to power issues, this model will save your place from lacking power throughout the outage!

2. Boating

As a marine lover you will be well aware of the risks of your boat running out of power on the water – these designs, alongside a generator, can ensure you still have the power you need to stay on the water.

3. Caravaning

There is a reason why this design has always worked from caravaning: all you have to do is connect it to your power source and you will have AC power for all your life-on-the-road appliances!

4. Trucks & commercial fleets

Always trusted, always reliable: the pure sine wave design has long been an integral part of the Australian long-haul driving industry, ensuring drivers have power wherever they may find themselves.

They are simply the best for a reliable power supply

As you can see, this design is still number one for providing energy even in the event of an outage or high-use technology taking up all the power! It’s for this reason that you will still see homeowners, holidaymakers, tradies, truckies and anyone else who needs high quality power at all times purchasing these first class models!