Best Glue

If you have ever found yourself at a loss using so-called super glue, you are certainly not alone. While a high-quality glue can work wonders in some scenarios, it often fails where you need it most. Whether the materials being repaired are not conducive to the glue’s chemistry or the super glue just isn’t strong enough to get the job done, it is not uncommon to experience disappointment when using super glue for your repair needs. You might be wondering if there is a solution, and there most certainly is. The answer is a revolutionary product by the name of Bondic – a device allowing you to bond virtually everything effortlessly and without any of the mess associated with traditional glue products.

What is Bondic?

What exactly is Bondic? Bondic is a bonding system that utilizes a form of liquid plastic which hardens under a particular type of UV light. When exposed to the light, the liquid plastic hardens, allowing users to create bonds, bridge gaps, fill holes and cracks, and much more. When the plastic is hardened, it becomes much more resilient than the dry, hard form of super glue could ever be. Bondic does not dry up, it does not stick your fingers together, and it is non-toxic. What more could you want?

Ease of Use

Bondic is simple to use and even easier to transport making it the perfect solution for a large number of situations. To use Bondic, all that is required is the Bondic device which is made up of two parts: the liquid plastic cartridge/dispenser, and the UV light. The dispenser comes has a built-in nozzle that can be used to apply Bondic to virtually every type of surface. Once the desired amount of liquid plastic has been applied, the UV light is then introduced to the site to harden the plastic bond in seconds.

Using Bondic is Different

Compared to traditional super glue alternatives, Bondic shares some attributes with glue but there are a few areas that users of this revolutionary product should be aware of.

  • Bondic is best when applied to surfaces that are either rough or have been sanded.
  • Bondic will remain in its liquid state until introduced the UV light, meaning it will not dry out over time or harden in places that you do not intend for it to.
  • Unlike super glue, Bondic can be layered to improve its effectiveness and overall strength.
  • Bondic works more similarly to a welder than a bottle of glue. It is essentially a plastic welding device.

Benefits of Using Bondic

There are many benefits to using Bondic. Not only is it much easier to use than super glue, but it is also cleaner, stronger, and more versatile. It can do the job of the super glue that we all know very well, but it can do much more in addition to that. For instance, since Bondic is a liquid plastic that can be hardened, it can be used bond materials that are not of the same composition, it can be used to create new parts from scratch, and much more. If you have been looking for an answer to all the shortcomings of super glue, Bondic is worth a look.