Many Individuals Don’t Care About The Importance Of The Food They Intake For Their Well-Being. Food Is The Optimal Thing That Keeps Us Healthy. Two Types Of Food Can Be Found In Nature. Alkaline And Acidic. The ‘Ash Residue’ Helps One To Determine Which Diet Is Alkaline And Which Is Acidic. When The Foods Leave More Ash Content But Less Mineral Inside The Stomach, It Is Considered Acidic. And When There Is Less Ash Content But More Mineral, It’s Alkaline. It Implies That The Food That Leaves More Ash Content Is Acidic, And It’s Never Good For Your Health And Immune System. An Alkaline Diet Can Radically Improve Your Health. You can read about it in detail at

Understand the Acid-Alkaline Balance

The rule of thumb of setting up a diet plan is keeping 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic. In 80% alkaline foods, you can include alkaline herbs which can be found in your local alkaline vegan store. However, in America, we tend to consume a total opposite diet. We consume 80% acidic foods and 20% alkaline foods. If you keep on relying on such diet plan, the chances are we will fall victim to nutritional deficiencies along with numerous poor health issues.

The Acid-Alkaline Calculation

The average pH level in our body should roam between 7.0 to 8.0. When the pH goes below 7.0, our body becomes acidic, and when it goes higher than 8.0, it becomes alkaline. More or less, nothing is ideal as the ph needs to remain neutral within our body. Therefore, we should always aim to keep the pH level of our body around 7.4.

How Alkaline Diet Fights with Diseases?

When we keep the environment in our health acidic, our body is prone to numerous deadly diseases. Diseases such as fatigue, cancer, inflammation, and many more tend to take place in our body. We can likewise have osteoporosis in an acidic state as we lack calcium. Alkaline foods contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are the king when it comes to fight9ing deadly diseases. They can provide calcium to our bones and fight with the dangerous germs, bacteria, and viruses which develops infections in our blood tissue.

We Are Programmed to Consume Alkaline Food

Do you ever wonder why our ancestors could live more than a hundred years back then? Not long ago, people back in 2 or 3 decades could live a very healthy life without any diseases. This is only because they only relied upon an alkaline diet that is filled with fresh and raw vegetable fruits, and hygienic meat. But, today in this modern world, we are going in an opposite route. We consume foods that are never healthy for our immune system. We are dependant on processed foods, artificial sweeteners, red mears, and numerous dairy products as well. Whereas, all we need is greens to boost our immune system.

If you are living a life based on fast foods, processed foods, flour products, and all that, it is high time that you change your lifestyle right away. You could include neutrally balanced foods which are neither acidic nor alkaline. Along the lines, you should consume a lot of water every day. If you boost your immune system, there is nothing comparable to the alkaline diet, which has already shown its magic to the world when it comes to healthy well-being.