Transporting Someone's Car

There are many scenarios in which people might use Los Angeles car shipping services. It’s not a subject people think about until they need it. Then they’re glad someone thought about it. Why would you consider auto shipping instead of driving?

1. Racking Up Mileage on Your Car

One of the first reasons to use auto transport is to preserve the mileage on your car. If you have more than one and the wife is with you in the new house, then you’re going to save mileage on your cars. The reason for such preservation is your obligation to your cars when they reach certain mile markers, so to speak:

• Checking the oil and filter when the odometer reaches 4,000 miles.

• Checking the coolant in the battery, replacing the air and fuel filters, and checking the power steering, brakes, and air conditioner at about 20,000 miles.

• Checking all the fluids, hoses and belts, the timing chain, tires, and the suspension at around 50,000 miles.

It’s clear why you don’t want to drive your cars all the way across California. Give ‘em a break.

2. Ditch the Stress

Perhaps more than any other, military personnel are the least stressed on moving day. They could possibly be at their new duty station while the movers and Los Angeles car shipping technicians are packing up and moving from the old house to the new. They’re confident in the care the movers and auto transport technicians will take with their belongings.

Life is stressful enough. There’s no reason to let moving day add to it. Let the professionals take care of it while you’re taking care of your life.

3. It’s About Safety

Not everyone has a spectacular Hollywood crash and burn when they’re driving. All those movies are in the back of their minds, though. They spend their time peering into the mirrors and hunching protectively over the wheel. On long-distance moves, that wary feeling just adds to the stress of an already stressful moving day.

Los Angeles car shipping services remove the wary feeling as well as the fear of an accident. Your car will be safely locked in a car carrier or in a trailer on a big rig. Nothing spectacular to see here, so carry on.

4. Protect Your Classic or Rare Car – Use Auto Transport Services

Anyone who loves classic car shows or owns a collection of classic and/or rare cars doesn’t move them from their parking spots for any reason. They might drive one to town festivals for a classic car show, but otherwise, those beauties remain parked. What do these classic car owners do when they move house?

They use auto transport services. The professionals to carefully prep the cars and strap them down securely before they even start the truck’s motor. Add the insurance for the trip, and classic car owners can breathe easily during their move. Their classic and/or rare cars will shine just as brightly as they did before they were moved.

5. The Thing About Price

You’ve carefully computed the price of your move from the moving company to gas, food, and lodging for the family. Take a minute to compare the price of gas, food, and lodging against the price of Los Angeles car shipping. Bet it’s not as expensive as motels, food, and gas.

This is especially true when you’re driving one car and the wife and the teen(s) are driving other vehicles. Let the transport professionals deliver those cars to you minus the gas, mileage, and headaches. It will save you the money you’ll need for things in the new house.