Social Security Disability

Filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Massachusetts might seem simple, but it is important to know what mistakes can make the process more difficult. For example, if recipients misrepresent their medical conditions to the agency or fail to submit required documents on time, they could jeopardize their chances of receiving SSD benefits. 

You can check out the top five common mistakes to avoid when filing for SSD benefits in Massachusetts over here.

Failing to know all of the eligibility requirements

SSD benefits in Massachusetts are available only to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. You must have worked a certain amount of time, have a qualifying medical condition, and be medically eligible for SSD. If you do not meet all of these criteria, you will not receive SSD benefits. A social security disability lawyer will be well-versed with eligibility criteria and can easily help you determine your eligibility.

Failing to file for SSA benefits as soon as possible

The sooner you file for SSD benefits in Massachusetts, the sooner you will get your benefits. However, this does not mean that you should wait on an application until it is too late. If your application turns out to be denied, you could lose a lot of time applying for it again. Therefore, you should try to file for SSD as soon as possible to avoid losing time and resources in the process.

Submitting your application with insufficient medical documentation

If you fail to submit the required medical documentation, your application could be denied. This is because most medical conditions are not obvious. As a result, they cannot be identified with just one or two sheets of paper. Therefore, any medical condition that you do have must be documented in great detail before your application can be approved. It is important to avoid submitting paperwork that is inadequate and incomplete in order to get approval for your SSD benefits.

Giving up when your claim is denied

Often times when an individual is denied SSD benefits in Massachusetts, they simply give up and do nothing. However, in many cases, they should simply appeal their claim. Although appealing your claim might seem harder, it might be the right way to go if you want to receive SSD benefits in the end.

Trying to navigate the claim process alone

It is always best to get professional advice from social security disability lawyer. This will help you avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your claim. A social security disability lawyer is one who is well-versed with SSA benefits, its eligibility criteria, and the procedure of application.