Wedding Season

The new wedding season promises to be as diverse and multifaceted as the woman herself – all the collections of fashion houses testify to this: from elegant mini dresses to stunning airy outfits worthy of classic paintings; from traditional white with occasional splashes of harmonious colors to delicate shades of pink and blue, which have already become a new classic. So, what can we expect from the new wedding season, and what tendencies and trends you should pay attention to – in our traditional review from Dream Bridal Couture.

Glam 3D

To create the effect of movement or volume in the new wedding season, designers promise us a surge of attention to voluminous 3D objects in the form of applique, embroidery and fantasy solutions that are designed to bring the image of the bride closer to natural, not static, but lively and energetic, light as a breath, wind and luxurious as a flower.

Total transparency

In the new season, transparency will be welcomed in all its manifestations, this applies to both small details such as drapery of the stand-up collar, sleeves, neckline, and so on, as well as large fragments, sometimes even the entire bodice, or skirt, or the entire dress. Of course, the transparency of the upper fabric is often successfully combined with a body lining, which is very successful for modest girls. Nevertheless, the game with thin chiffon, organza, silk and tulle fabric will be more relevant than ever.

Wedding Season

Cut it out

Center, side, symmetrical, and asymmetrical – different cuts are set to be very popular in the new wedding season. Such dresses require certain materials and silhouettes, but a fresh look at the cut and its variations gives an impression of air, sensuality, and youthfulness. For inspiration and insights into the latest trends, visit

Splash of color

Not only white say the designers and allow us to try in new season other colors, such as:

  •       Baby blue
  •       Blush pink
  •       Golden and silver details

And of course mixture of colors and styles to open your individuality and femininity as much and in the way you need it.

Simplicity and clear lines

The image is timeless and spaceless with a minimum amount of jewelry and details, and, nevertheless, the most classic, according to fashion experts, consists of the following elements:

  1. Perfect fit for the exact figure
  2. Simple and natural cut
  3. Long flowy skirt
  4. Best fabrics for a minimal look: luminous mikado, crepe or very light tulle, and barré organza
  5. Accessories: long gloves

Modest wedding gowns for Muslim brides

The designers did not bypass the attention of Muslim girls, who are offered to play with color, fabrics in the new season, and add a twist in the form of traditional floral embroidery, which has remained relevant for many seasons.

Wedding Season

Always in trend: Dream Bridal Couture

For 10 years now, the Ukrainian wedding fashion brand Dream Bridal Couture has been creating wedding dresses for brides from all over the world. Today the company is actively cooperating with bridal salons from Europe, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Netherland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria and more. We make sure that beautiful girls, getting ready for the most important day in their lives, have the opportunity to try on and get acquainted with the products of our company directly, in real live, because only this format gives a clear understanding of what really fits, what they like, how the outfit looks live, how the fabric feels and many other aspects that are very important. In addition, we participate in fashion shows and trunk shows, we are always open to cooperation with various companies united by a common goal – to simplify the pre-wedding chores for the bride and groom as much as possible, as well as provide them with the highest level of service.