Car Accident

Minor car accidents happen every day and are usually not much of a big deal. It may be a dent while you were backing your car or a fender bender when you stopped at a red light. Minor accidents initially seem harmless but may cause more damage than you realize. Even if you have no injuries or damages, make sure to report all accidents.

Any car accident should be taken seriously. Minor auto collisions should be given the same treatment as a severe crash scenario. Speak with a group of experienced Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys to explore your legal options today. Meanwhile, here are some steps to take after experiencing a minor car accident.

Steps to take after a minor car accident 

  1. Check for injuries.

In a severe car accident, injuries are usually obvious, and you do not have to look for them specifically. However, in minor accidents, injuries are not obvious. The injuries that may not seem apparent after the accident can progress and worsen with time. Regardless of whether you are bleeding or not, seek medical help immediately. Stay alert about any changes in health that may occur after the adrenaline rush and fear wears off.

  1. Call the police. 

Calling the police at an accident site is helpful in various ways. First of all, the police officers will call the emergency services and ensure everyone is safe. They will also move the vehicle to a safe location if it is in the middle of the road. Secondly, they will investigate the accident on the spot and make notes about the accident as well as talk to any witnesses present there. Do not forget to grab a copy of the police report.

  1. Collect photographic evidence. 

Since you are not a lawyer, you may not understand what serves as evidence and what does not. Moreover, removing physical evidence from the site is not recommended. What you can do to preserve evidence is click pictures of the accident site, including all the vehicles and people involved, your injuries, condition of the road, weather, traffic signal, etc. If the other driver had been drinking, you may be able to find alcohol bottles in or around their car.

  1. Do not accept or admit blame. 

You may want to get out of the situation as soon as possible, especially if you think it is a small deal. However, you should never accept or admit blame for a crash without understanding its full extent. You may feel guilty or partially at fault for the accident but do not talk about it with the police, the other party, or the insurance company.

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