Vehicle Barriers

To purchase automated vehicle barriers, you should know what to look for. It will help you make the best choice and ensure you get the quality you need. It will also help you to understand how these barriers work.

Active security barriers

Active security barriers are used to prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing a property. They can be manually operated, electrically, or hydraulically. While these systems are often a deterrent, they can also cause significant damage to vehicles.

Before implementing an active security barrier, designers must conduct a threat assessment. It will determine which vulnerabilities exist. Also, it will help to determine how much space the system needs. It is vital to choose a barrier that is appropriate for the size and style of your location.

Barriers are typically installed at critical access control locations. They should be reversible from a control station. Additionally, they should be able to be deployed and repositioned quickly and easily.

An excellent active vehicle barrier will be designed to be reliable. It means it will not require frequent maintenance or inspection. Some features to consider include power requirements, corrosion resistance, and the ability to be manually overridden.

Depending on the type of active security barrier chosen, it may have features such as warning devices, speed detection, or wrong-way speed detection. These features will enhance safety while also signaling the fence is in place.

Mobile barriers

Mobile barriers for automated vehicle barrier can be used in various situations. They reduce the duration of lane closures, provide safety, and improve traffic flow. These portable barriers are easy to move, store, and use.

Some types of barriers include beams and speed bumps. The latter can be installed in a single location. Speed bumps are usually set up in areas where a car must slow down from 2 to 10 MPH. Other types of barriers include active and passive barriers.

When designing the motion control system for a barrier, weight is a critical factor. For instance, large steel plates can weigh several thousand pounds. A substantial amount of power is required to raise the leaves. In addition, these types of barriers must absorb the vehicle’s energy.

An electric actuation system can provide an alternative to hydraulic barriers. This new technology offers excellent reliability, lower maintenance costs, and less environmental impact.

Moog engineers have developed an integrated servo actuator that provides optimized performance. Moog’s servo drive system includes an IP67 environmental rating. Its programmable control allows for smooth operation.

Passive security barriers

Passive security barriers are designed to keep vehicles from entering a specific area. They are used to prevent vehicle collisions and to protect against threats such as moving bombs.

Several types of passive security barriers can be used in various applications. Examples include guardrails, fences, and bollards.

The first type is a fixed, permanent barrier. These are typically reinforced with posts or cables. It can only be relocated with special equipment.

In contrast, the second type is a portable, easily installed barrier. The barrier must be easy to carry and stack for this type.

Active barriers are also used for vehicle access control points. Some operational barriers are operated electrically, pneumatically, or manually.

Active barriers include barricades, gates, road blockers, and tire shredders. Their functions vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Generally, they are required at critical access control locations.

Passive barriers are not meant to move, but they absorb energy. Energy is then transferred to a foundation. Several examples of passive obstacles include highway medians, guardrails, and bollards.

Passive barriers should be considered in addition to active obstacles, as they can offer a more cost-effective solution. Although they may be less visually appealing than operational barriers, they are very effective and require little maintenance.

Hybrid barriers

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has been working on a project to measure the conditions of roadside barriers. The state has already collected over one million feet of data as part of this endeavor. But the cost and effort to collect this data are high.

An automated approach would be a more efficient and effective method of collecting data. It will save substantial amounts of money. Moreover, it will allow the researchers to focus on more critical tasks. And in the end, it will help improve the safety of drivers.

To do this, the study utilized various machine-learning techniques. One of these techniques, the non-transfer learning model, is considered the best. The model was designed to identify barriers from a relatively small set of images. Its accuracy and performance were impressive.

Another is the simple architecture used to create the aforementioned non-transfer learning model. This method is less expensive to implement than transfer learning. For instance, it took a mere 250 images to train a model.


Automated vehicle barriers are an excellent solution for managing car traffic in public areas. They can be installed on any site to create a safe and efficient traffic management system. These systems are also helpful for preventing theft and ensuring safety.

The main drivers of the global market for vehicle barriers are the increasing use of off-street parking systems and automation. Among other factors, automation is a crucial growth factor for parking barriers in emerging countries.

In terms of design, automated vehicle barriers come in various models, each designed to meet different requirements. For example, a sidewinder bollard has a flat anti-slip top surface, which helps reduce trip hazards. Meanwhile, a stainless steel cover helps prevent scratches from corrosive materials.

Another model is the Electromechanical Bollard. It has a conical stem cap, a 220 mm shaft, and a flange gasket for increased protection.

Aside from the standard models, BGB offers various custom-made products. Whether looking for a single bollard or an automated car park barrier, you’ll find the perfect solution from BGB.