Joe Biden

India fears the possible victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the 59th US presidential election as Joe Biden has always supported the position of Kashmiris and called on India to give freedom of expression and autonomy to the oppressed Kashmiris.

According to media reports, Biden had also demanded the restoration of the old status of Kashmir by the Modi government last year, opposing the process of abolishing the special status of Kashmir and dividing it into two parts under the federation.

Biden’s chances of victory over President Trump are bright, which could have a positive impact on occupied Kashmir and Pakistan.

Biden has visited Pakistan twice, in 2008 and 2011. Joe Biden was awarded the Hilal Pakistan Award in 2008 under former President Asif Ali Zardari, in recognition of his efforts to get Senators Joe Biden and Richard Lugar to approve 1.5 1.5 billion in aid to Pakistan. Had gone.

Biden last visited Pakistan on January 12, 2011, as Vice President.

A good administrator with a reputation for impartiality, Joe Biden has had good relations with Pakistan during his presidency and as a senator.

During his mission, Biden additionally vowed to treat Muslims better, give better offices to outsiders, and audit President Trump’s enemy of worker arrangements.

Popularity based competitor Joe Biden is likewise known for his work on common freedoms, which is the reason he has stood up against the slaughter of Rohingya Muslims and the abuse of Uighur Muslims in China.

Biden is a well-known American politician who has been a part of parliamentary politics since he was elected a counselor in 1970 and has been a member of the upper house since 1973.

Joe Biden, a 77-year-old Democrat, additionally filled in as VP during the Obama organization and is the Democrat’s applicant in the current official political race.