To get a group of motivated people just combine their energy, knowledge and skills and you get a team who can accomplish anything. Isn’t it amazing! But in today’s time, it’s totally normal for employees to face dips in motivation, and get consistently disengaged.  It depends entirely on the employers to empower everyone in your organization and give each other frequent, timely, visible and value-oriented recognition, which can spark their motivation.

To learn about some powerful ways to keep the members of your team motivated day in and day out and give their very best on the job you can view these listed points. Additionally, if you want to learn how you can facilitate it at your organization, one can look for platforms like  Power2Motivate and get some healthy tips on employee recognition.

1. Pay your employees what they are worth

Make sure that your employees get paid well consistently and also compared to what other companies in your industry and area are paying. Employees are always keen to say that they would leave their current job for just a 5 per cent increase in pay. So instead of losing a talented employee just because you’re underpaying them, introduce a proper pay scale for every level of employee.

2. Offer opportunities for self-development

To make your employees feel more valuable to your organization, make some way and opportunities to introduce them to learn new skills. Provide them with the training they need to advance in their careers and make them comfortable with all the latest technologies and advances in the industry. Embrace the latest tools with the learning curve so that your capable employee doesn’t get scared of technology and feel left behind.

3. Foster collaboration within the team

Encourage the members of the company to fully participate in any decision making by inviting their input and suggestions and let them feel that their input is appreciated. Let the sessions be interactive by asking them some questions and in return listening to their answers, and, whenever possible, try to implement those ideas.

4. Set clear goals

After planning and deciding the goal with the members of your team make sure everyone knows exactly what those goals are, and their respective roles in reaching them. Set small, realistic, measurable and achievable goals which provide a real boost of motivation each time it is conquered and keeps the team on the right track. Even put some light on how these goals help the overall business objectives helping them to understand their responsibility and purpose.

5. Recognize great work

It is a clear understanding that motivation and morale would improve massively with increased recognition. If the hard work of any employee isn’t recognized, then they wouldn’t continue to be a high-performing employee. Employee recognition should be frequently given as you should treat your employees as valued team members.

6. Celebrate results occasionally

Implement some proper policies to celebrate your employees’ hard work. It is crucial to let everyone know exactly how much each of their contributions moves the business forward. Rewarding employees for their hard work boost their motivation in a more productive way. Annual programs with bonuses are one of the common ways to celebrate and encourage your employees. But one can also design some monthly programs to give consistent rewards as it is a great way to boost motivation over time.

7. Be transparent

Make a default effort to provide transparency among your employees as it is the best way to encourage an atmosphere of trust and they will be more motivated and engaged with their work. It ensures that everyone is working with the same information as nothing hurts productivity more than confusion or a lack of direction.

8. Loosen the reins

Flexible work schedules of employees improve their efficiency and help keep them motivated. Just guide your employee with what needs to be done by what deadline and give them the freedom to decide when they will do the actual work. This eliminates micromanagement in the workplace.

9. Provide a sense of security

Providing a sense of security at workplaces makes your employee secure enough to show their full selves at work. Feeling secure makes them motivated to reach and further stretch their potential.

10. Encourage teamwork

Teamwork is the greatest motivators as it gives an amazing feeling of your teammates rooting for you as you complete your next project. Employee happiness is much more closely correlated with peer relationships at work. So occasionally give your employee an opportunity to work cohesively and encourage teamwork in your workplace.