Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing is now your company’s most important marketing medium. Sure, your brand might benefit from putting up a billboard on a busy highway, but nothing can compare to the profound reach that digital marketing offers.

Why? Because goods and services have gone digital! Eight out of 10 Australians now buy online, with this projection tipped to grow even more as eCommerce services become more advanced and streamlined.

So, if you thought your  small business could slip past the need for digital marketing services, it’s time to think again, and here are five vital strategies to ensure your digital game is bringing in the customers.

1. It all starts with your websites

 In today’s highly competitive eCommerce industry, having a website with a little information is not enough to win returning customers. Your websites – both computer and mobile – must be a comprehensive interface complete with high speeds, stylish design, top security and streamlined navigation.

When we say they must be like this on mobile – mean it. Mobile now accounts for USD $3.56 billion annually and this figure will only continue to rise as people continue to seek fast, handheld purchase options.

Get on top of your websites – it’s the ultimate start to success.

2. Maintain that rep

 Following on from social media is online reputation management. Your customer wants to see that your business is prominent in Google My Business – essentially the info that comes up when a consumer searches your products/industry.

Things that customers want to see include a solid business listing, complete with maps location, an about section, telephone numbers, email addresses etc.

One other thing they want to see is that you are willing to engage with customers – for better or worse – through your customer review section. So, if you see customers giving you reviews, good or bad, be sure to reply promptly and courteously.

3. Remarketing is reward central

 Remarketing is when a customer visits your website and continues to receive advertisements from you on other websites or through social media platforms like Facebook.

Whether you find it annoying or not, it’s a highly effective marketing method, with 70% of consumers more likely to convert with your brand via remarketing. With stats like that pointing out the method’s success, who really cares if it’s annoying?

It totally gets the job done.

4. Be on top of social media

 Consumers love social media and they love interacting with their favourite brands. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now even TikTok are amazing places to advertise your brand and get your products on the consumer’s radar.

What’s more, having a low-info, outdated social media profile will not only make your business look uninterested in its field, but may even make it look like it is no longer in operation.

Social media is an imperative part of your overall digital strategy – don’t overlook it and make sure you’re able to work on it when you have a spare moment as regular updates are key to social success.

5. Update your website

 You may now have a fabulous website, but it will still only fall behind if you’re not regularly updating its content via blogs and video. Blogs make your website look like it’s ahead of the industry in terms of knowledge, whilst video content continues to become the consumer’s go-to as they want quick, fast info.

Keep that website info fresh and not only will your customers love it – Google will, too.