artificial turf

Artificial grass has a range of stunning benefits: it’s gorgeous, it’s easy to maintain, it doesn’t puddle, the list goes on… But, did you know that installing synthetic grass can also rectify any issues that your natural solution might be causing your property.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems with artificial turf then perhaps it’s time to call in the experts to fix it with a synthetic solution:

The problems

1. Thatch gather

Many lawns produce a natural layer of dead grass, or “thatch”, as well as roots and other organic material that become matted between the roots and green vegetation. This layer has the ability to easily choke your lawn by preventing air, nutrients and water from reaching the roots and soil. Thatch also provides a wonderful little spot for pests to thrive and live rent free on your property.

Well, obviously synthetic grass doesn’t contain the same problem, as it is not organic material.

3. Bald patches

Occasionally, bald patches will appear on the grass. This happens for many reasons, including disease, pests, foot traffic and even pets that love a good backyard dig.

Regardless of the reason, one of the ultimate solutions is to install synthetic grass. The new “grass” will match the rest of your lawn regardless of the materials that were used to lay the original lawn.

The only problem with this method is the remaining natural grass on the lawn as this can develop more bald spots. For this reason it is advised to lay synthetic grass over the whole solution to avoid this problem from happening in the future.

3. Dead or brown grass

Your gras may be turning brown for two reasons: it’s either thirsting for more water or it’s drawing in the stuff!

If there has been a sustained rainy period, your soil can easily become waterlogged, which will easily suffocate the roots and cause the lawn to wither and die.

Conversely, if you’ve taken off for a cheeky summer holiday, your lawn could easily dry up and the same problem will happen on the other end of the spectrum, so an artificial turf solution is the perfect way to avoid either of these nuisances from occurring.

4. Unhealthy soil

Grass needs healthy soil to grow into the stunning lawn we all desire. However, some soils lack the ideal pH balance to produce healthy growth, whilst others are too clay-like or sandy.

One way to fix the problem is to fertilise your lawn. However, it can often happen that no amount of fertiliser can fix unhealthy soil…

The solution? Well, synthetic grass, of course! It will ensure your lawn looks incredible year-round without the fear of unhealthy soil reaching up to ruin its beauty!

5. Fungal disease

Fungi is a disease that really sinks its nasty teeth into a lawn, and when it does, it can be really hard to get rid of the nasty problem. You can try fungicides to kill off the fungi and prevent more from coming back and spreading, but it often happens that the fungi has already wreaked havoc on your lawn and caused all kinds of issues including blight, brown patches and dollar spots.

Have you ever heard of synthetic grass falling victim to this nasty issue? Well, we haven’t, and we’re in the industry – so maybe it’s time you considered this winning solution for your home to avoid these frustrating, lawn-killing problems?

We think it might be, too…