Certain life events can leave you in an unprecedented financial situation. If you have accumulated debt and are being harassed or sued by a debt collector in Chicago, you should consider the legal options. The truth is debt collectors are often relentless and can try a bunch of tactics to recover money. These agencies and collectors often adhere to practices that are unfair and can be questioned. Expectedly, you are probably out of your depths at one point, and that’s exactly where a Chicago debt collection defense lawyer can help. Here are some things worth knowing.

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The basics

For the unversed, debt collectors are authorized by other parties to collect debts on behalf of the latter. A debt collector must send you a notice in writing within five days of contacting you unless you have paid the debt. Even when you genuinely are in debt, there are certain things that debt collectors can and cannot do. For instance, they cannot make any kind of false or deceptive statements or cannot contact you without identification. They cannot also call you endless times or repeatedly contact you. No one can also threaten with violence or say they want to harm you in any manner. They cannot contact you at your place or work or tell other people you are in debt. In the real world, deceitful practices are commonly used to intimate and force borrowers into paying debts.

Meet an attorney

If a debt collector is harassing you, consider meeting an attorney who specializes in the field, and the good news is many firms will Chicago will do a review of your credit reports for free. They will also check whether there is room for future lawsuits, if there are evident red flags, and how you can work on your credit score. If the debt collector has violated any aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), they will also guide you on how to deal with the situation through legal options. Your lawyer will also communicate with the debt collector, ensuring you don’t have to deal with harassment calls anymore.

If you are already in a debt situation where the collectors and agencies are making things for you, don’t let that bring you down. Contact a debt defense lawyer and discuss how you can deal with all the current complexities and focus on keeping a tab on your financial situation.