School Bus

Every other day you will read the news in the newspaper or watch it on the television that school students have been hit by a pedestrian. It has become so common that the country’s jurisdiction has stepped forward and taken some measures to prevent these kinds of accidents. However, despite all the measures taken, accidents are happening again and again, and here Boston personal injury lawyers can help you. Thus, a lawyer comes forward to make a driver understand how they can help in curbing accidents. 

Know the law

Before joining the duty of a school bus driver, the driver must know about the laws and regulations of driving a school bus and the state. 

Apart from the school bus driver, the other people driving any kind of vehicle must stop when they see a school bus. They should keep in mind to maintain a distance of 20 feet behind the school bus. 

Yellow Indicates to Stop 

When the school bus or the traffic signal will flash yellow light, you need to stop. Stopping suddenly when the red signal is on is behind causing several accidents. Thus, whenever you see light yellow, lower your speed and eventually stop. 

Pay attention and Slow Down 

If there is no stop sign or there is no red light flashing, that does not mean that there are no school students nearby. You must ensure that when you are in a residential area or in an area where there is a school you need to drive slowly. School students might run out of anywhere as they have fewer traffic senses. 

When a child is injured

If a child is injured in a bus accident or pedestrian accident, you need to act quickly. The injuries might not be life-endangering but can threaten their education. You need to take care of the child and make quick decisions. Call for medical help or if there is a hospital nearby, take the child there immediately. 

Call a bus accident lawyer

When you are facing such a situation where the kid has an accident, the first thing you need to do after you have hospitalized the kid is calling a personal injury lawyer. Ensure that the lawyer you are calling specializes in dealing with school bus and pedestrian cases. They will take care of the case from there.