Common Misconceptions

It Could Be Just What You and Your Team Need

Team building doesn’t always have the best image, but those myths are holding so many people back from reaping the rewards!

Team building is something that has become a huge part of company culture. However, considering how familiar we all are with it, there are still lots of misconceptions surrounding it. Here, we’re going to bust some myths – and tell you where you can find the very best team building activities London has to offer.

Once isn’t enough

One common misconception a lot of people have about team building is that doing it once is enough. That’s simply not true. While you will see results after one team building session, making it a regular occurrence is the best way of reaping the rewards. There’s no set amount of time that you should wait between team building events, but somewhere between six months to a year – or during times of stress or change – should work well.

You need to make an effort

There’s a general view that you don’t really need to be inventive or think too hard about team building. A lot of people assume that going out for dinner or drinks is good enough – but all that happens with those is people just mix with people they already know and get along with. If you take part in a really bold team building event in groups of people from different departments, you’ll really bring a team together.

You don’t need a huge budget

If you want to put together a really incredible team building event, you don’t need to have a huge budget. All too often, smaller businesses don’t even consider team building events, as they think that they will cost a lot of money. If you plan your activity with the help of a trusted specialist like Zing Events, they will work within the constraints of your budget without sacrificing on your vision and needs.

It’s not a negative experience

If you were to ask people to sum up team building in one word, chances are ones like ‘boring’ or ‘cringe-worthy’ would be common answers. There’s this view of team building as a negative experience that has really stuck around – and that’s a shame! Rather than a nightmarish situation dreamed up by sadistic managers, team building can be fun, fulfilling, and energising!

Zing Events have developed some of the most innovative activities for team building, held in some truly incredible locations.

It’s worth taking time out of the office

Far too many people write off team building as nothing more than a waste of time. If you are all working to tight deadlines, it can be hard to justify taking some time out. However, considering that team building can improve productivity, timekeeping and teamwork, it can really pay off in the long run. It’s a really solid investment in your workforce. Whether you take an afternoon off or a whole day, it will be time well spent.

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Now that you can see just how beneficial team building is, why not arrange an activity for your team to take part in? Zing Events will help you to put an incredible event together, and you will all benefit from the activities you take part in. So what are you waiting for?