When it comes to hands-on knowledge an apprenticeship has more credits, than what you can fetch from a university degree. Of course, a degree takes you to another status, but you cannot become a great employee at work just by having a qualifying degree. Learners by the hundreds are paying extra attention to apprenticeship news that they find online and apply for them to get real working skills. Let’s learn the reasons behind the increased popularity in apprenticeships.

Learning While Earning

Attending regular hours in a college gives you a lot of theoretical knowledge. Students, however, look forward to internships and sign up for them immediately. It’s because they can gain knowledge and earn money at the same time. Industrialists and corporate recruiters also prefer to hire young professionals who are ready to work as an intern in exchange for small pay. In that way, the young minds can gauge the working experience from a company and also earn to meet their needs.

Practical Training And Experience

Whenever you receive apprenticeship news for a new opening, you should immediately get a NOC from your university and join the company. Professors would assign extra credits to your performance if they see that you have successfully gone out of the box and finished an interview. You come back enriched with a lot of knowledge and your experience will help you in future.

Professional Qualifications

More universities are looking for an industry-academy collaboration for their students during the placement years. The hiring companies offer an apprenticeship role where boot camp training and hands-on knowledge transfer takes places between the employees and the interns. It helps apprentices gain qualifications beyond the university degree. They learn, industry-specific skills, troubleshooting steps, business and professional ethics even before they are a full-time employee.


Connections and networking are an important reason why you should not ignore any apprenticeship news. As an intern in a company, you can connect with a lot of people who might give you beneficial advice. You can talk with people and understand how you can shape your career. Communication will help any young professional have a deep insight into what he or she wants for her future.

Wide Choices

Often industries and corporates have fixed criteria for a role that they offer. It can be an age bar, a special degree, etc. But as an apprentice, you can work with employees as their assistants and gather useful knowledge. There is no long-term contract with apprentices. You can switch to a different industry and learn different work.

Grab the next opportunity you get to work as an apprenticeship. Have a continuous growth curve. All these work experiences will make you a versatile genius.