Ooft, ouch, yep: you’ve chipped your tooth. You bit the popcorn seed, chomped down on some hard candy, crunched down on some ice after finishing a refreshing beverage and now you’re paying the price!

Dental emergencies are a nasty experience, especially when you find yourself in near-inconsolable pain and wondering, “what can I do to make this STOP?!”

Well, we have an idea: the best emergency dentist Melbourne has, obviously!

Here are four reasons why you should always enlist this vital service if you find yourself in a pain-producing dental predicament:

1. It can make the pain go away

Dental emergencies are called as such because they cause a heck of a lot of pain. If you have ever found yourself with an abscess, ache, chip, have lost a tooth or something completely different, you will know just how undeniably uncomfortable this unfortunate situation can be.

You sit there, writhing in pain, wondering what kind of remedies exist just to take away the nasty feeling that the pain will never actually leave! But of course it will, and the best way to ensure it happens fast is through this imperative 24 hour treatment method.

So don’t wait: hoist yourself up off your *perceived* deathbed, get a friend or loved one to drive you to the best emergency dentist Melbourne has (as taking yourself there could be dangerous!), present yourself to the receptionist and in what should only be a small amount of time you will be treated for whatever problem is causing you such discomfort in that very moment!

2. It can potentially save a tooth (or teeth)

There are many dental problems that could potentially cause the loss of teeth. For example, if you take a knock on the footy field and your tooth becomes dislodged, the dental expert could potentially put the tooth back in place.

This can even potentially work for a tooth that has been knocked out, as you can take it to the dental clinic and have it put back in place (if you popped it in milk as soon as it came out, of course!).

The last thing you want is to lose a tooth, as this can cause a relay of oral problems, including that of a misshapen bite as well as infection, so be sure to head to your emergency dentist as soon as the problem occurs to potentially save the tooth!

3. Maintain your dental aesthetic

One of the worst things about losing a tooth – on top of the oral health problems – is the aesthetic problems it can cause. Nobody likes losing a tooth, and they certainly don’t want a glaring gap in their mouth right where one of their teeth used to be.

Therefore, if you have lost a tooth or a tooth has become dislodged, it is important to get down to your 24 hour dental clinic to ensure that tooth is put back in place and your aesthetic saved!

4. It’s just the healthiest option!

At the end of the day, no one wants to let an excruciating, potentially life-altering dental problem continue on its very un-merry way. Instead, the most important thing to do is ensure you have the problem remedied to the fullest potential at that very moment.

It’s not the 1960s, and you don’t have to wait until the next day (or more) to see a dental expert – get down there, alleviate your pain and save your tooth in the process!