iPhone Features

January 2023 has been a good start for iPhone users as Apple released its much-awaited iOS 16 update. The iOS 16.3 update comes with many new features that iPhone users were waiting to get their hands on. Also, an iOS 16.4 update is in the pipeline.

Thanks to this latest update, 2023 will be smooth for iPhone users. So let’s look at all the amazing features Apple smartphone users are getting this year.

1. Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later is an excellent financing feature that qualifies users in the USA to split their purchases into four payments over six weeks. In addition, users don’t have to worry about fees or interest. The feature is built into the wallet application and available for purchases in applications and online on the iPhone or iPad.

2. Apple Card Savings Account

Do you use Apple Cards? If yes, you can open a Goldman Sachs high-yield savings account and have all of the Daily Cash cashback incentives paid into your account with no minimum deposits, fees, or balance requirements. The wallet app on your iPhone lets you control the account.

For those who don’t know, Apple Card holders receive 1% Daily Cash if they use their actual card and 2–3% Daily Cash if they use Apple Pay.

The Daily Cash you receive will be immediately put into your savings account once you’ve set one up, where you may also earn interest. Of course, this arrangement only applies if you choose not to have your Apple Cash balance debited in exchange for the Daily Cash benefits.

So managing your savings account is just a tap away.

3. Screen Record on Your Phone

Whether you are a gamer or YouTuber and want to live stream your activities, you must learn how to screen record on iPhone.

One of the best features of iOS is the in-built Screen Recorder with Voice sound. Therefore, you don’t need to install any third-party application or use your Mac or Windows computer to help you record your screen.

Launch the Control Center on your iPhone > tap the circle into the circle button > go to the home screen and record what you want. You will see the screen recording has started on the upper part of the screen, and there will be a blue bar with the time.

Tap on the blue bar to stop screen recording.

4. Web Push Notifications

In 2023, iPhones will support web push notifications via Safari and other supported web browsers. Thanks to this feature, you will receive notifications from websites in the same way as from apps.

5. Security Keys for Your Apple ID

The Security Keys for Apple ID feature allows users to use hardware security keys to protect their accounts. By enabling this feature, you can enhance Apple’s 2FA because the security key will be one of the two factors instead of receiving a code from another Apple device.

However, Apple does not plan to release hardware security keys but relies on Yubico for the security keys.

6. CarPlay

CarPlay is the next-generation software platform based on the iPhone. It features support for widgets, multiple displays, and integration with vehicle functions like the FM Radio, instrument cluster, and climate controls.

The vehicles supporting CarPlay will be announced in late 2023, but the committed automakers are Honda, Acura, Nissan, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

It would be best if you stayed tuned to learn more about this from Apple.

7. Unity Wallpaper

A new Unity wallpaper is introduced for iPhone’s Home Screen and Lock Screen. This wallpaper is in honor of Black History Month. The first wallpaper can be changed from three to four colors, but you cannot change the font color.

The new Unity wallpaper has ten color variants and four different font types. Also, there are three font color options, and you can choose Devanagari or Arabic Indic fonts through the global icon.

8. Emergency SOS updates

In iOS 16.3, the Emergency SOS via satellite feature gets an update.

The Call with Hold option is replaced with Call with Hold and Release. You can hold the side and volume buttons to start a countdown and an alarm by enabling a call with this option. Release the buttons after the countdown, and your phone will automatically call emergency services.

Previously, with the Call with Hold option, users had to press the side and volume buttons to bring up the Emergency SOS call slider. Then, after continuing to hold the buttons, the countdown started, and an alarm would go off. Then, the phone would make an emergency call.

Additionally, calling quietly in an emergency SOS is a possibility. When placing an SOS call in an emergency, select this option. There won’t be any warning sounds or blinking lights on your smartphone.

The Bottom Line

These remarkable features on your iPhone will make your life easier and ensure a great user experience.