Crab Apple Trees

Even though normal apples and Crab apples belong to the same fruit tree origin, which is the Malus genus, Crab apples still differ in various ways from regular apples. Crab apples are more famous for their flowers than their fruits. Edible Crab apples are extremely tart and they are often mixed with sugar to make jellies & other fruits. Instead of eating them like regular apples, you might rather want to plant them in your garden for aesthetic reasons.

They differ in size

Crab apples and regular apples that can be purchased from stores have a similar appearance, but they still differ in size. Crab apples are much smaller than the normal apples that we are accustomed to seeing. The size of both of these apples is only the key visual difference that you will find. Crab apples would only grow about two inch in diameter. There are various trees that produce even small Crab apples than this, whereas traditional apples come in a much bigger size.

They have different tastes

You can easily identify a crab apple & a regular apple by tasting them. Crab apples have a very different taste from regular apples. Some varieties of Crab apples can be very sweet and tasty while other varieties of Crab apples can be sour in taste. Some Crab apples can be consumed directly after picking them up from the tree while other needs to be cooked. You also might want to be careful while choosing Crab apples as some might give you an upset stomach. In contrast to Crab apples, apples generally taste crispy and sweet. You would hardly find any regular apple that is sour in taste.

The trees are different as well

There are not many differences when it comes to the trees that produce crab apples and the trees that produce regular or normal apples. Crab apple trees are smaller compared to normal apples. This is mainly because crab apple trees are not loaded with many nutrients, which are required to produce bigger like regular apples. There are some crab apple trees that are bred only for the flower they produce and not the fruit. However, compared to normal apple trees, crab apple trees can be quite lovely because of their flowers that come in various colors, from deep red to pink, some of them seem like miniature roses.

Although Crab apples are much more beautiful in appearance than regular apples, they are not so quite lovely when it comes to taste, but they are quite better for decorating your garden.

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