What would you seriously consider when it comes to selecting the right management institute to pursue an MBA degree? Feeling a bit confused? Well, there are several factors which might be of utmost importance. A student does not only want to be proficient in the academic grounds but even expects holistic development. Universities that pay great attention upon the personality assessment prepares a better individual who confidently represents the organisation and works for the fulfilment of Organisational goals.

Well, this is not enough, institutes that avail better placement opportunities are highly preferred. When you are about to select any college like Amity Jaipur, you should considerably go through the placement statistics of the campus. Essential attributes that make Amity the best institute include:

  • Perfectly synced with the industrial needs: All tutoring programs are organised in a dynamic way but as per the courses of a particular semester. The tutoring methods keep on changing and students are prepared as per the modern scenario. All possible care is taken so that they remain updated and well aware of the modern industrial requirement. The university focuses on amalgamating the traditional syllabus with global trends in almost all courses.
  • Ensures multi-stage evaluation: To determine the efficacy of the students, the multi-stage evaluation process is followed. Only yearly examinations are not enough to determine whether the students are proficient or not. Rather, timely tests, internals, academic activities are conducted to judge the students depending upon their level of expertise. Grading is not just done on their academic proficiency. Overall personality is considered which is vitally considered during the placement.
  • Industry-based training: Activities and seminars are conducted in collaboration with the renowned companies at Amity University Jaipur. On a regular basis, the entire curriculum for the course is monitored and changes are made as per the industrial requirements. Better exposure allows students to adapt to the working situation without any fear. Moreover, they can confidently work in the new environment showcasing their skills and talents without any fear.
  • Feedback from the students: One of the vital aspects that makes the university a renowned one is the follow-up and placement reports taken by the students. The complete evaluation system of the university depends upon the regular updates taken from the graduate students and those who have been placed in different companies. Students provide their real experiences and show their gratitude towards the university how it helped them in boosting their careers.
  • Better linked internationally: Amity is the only educational group in India that has its campus in China, London, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Romania, Dubai, and Mauritius. It has been tied-up with the renowned international universities, research centres and laboratories that facilities faculty and student exchange, educational tours, curriculum development, joint research and many more. Students do not only learn on an international level but also remain aware of the probable changes going throughout the world.
  • Increased chances of working in MNCs: As it is linked internationally on different grounds, top MNCs approach the university to pick the fresher’s and shape their careers. Hence, the students avail the chances to work in top management positions in reputed companies.
  • Top-notch infrastructure: The faculties that teach in university travel around the world make the students aware of the ongoing changes around the globe. Apart from this effort-taking approach, they focus on providing a better learning environment for the students. Classrooms are well-conditioned, equipped libraries with approx. 100000 collections of books, periodicals, magazines and alike. Hi-tech research classrooms and better IT facilities allow the students to learn in a sophisticated environment.
  • Boosts your inner strength: MBA students are not only made skilled in the management sector. Rather, personal grooming classes are provided to shape one’s personality and confidence level. Special sessions and events are held that enhance one’s communication skills, negotiation skills, business etiquettes and alike. Just learning the theoretical aspects is not enough if one fails to practice it. Precise training and special classes allow the students to know about the real work scenarios.

Thorough learning and personality development sessions make the students highly qualified. Students should work in a determined way to avail success and get a reputable position in the companies. During placement, it is not only the test of the students but also the university that tutored him/her. The faculties take all possible steps to bring the hidden talents and make better professionals of tomorrow. They train you with amazing leadership qualities which is the essential requisite of an MBA student. Choose the institute and campus wisely if you genuinely want to get placed in the most reputable company.

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