The necessity for proper human translation services has gone up with the beginning of internationalization of businesses. Online translation services have made internationalization of businesses easier. Any business organization can simply go to the Internet and find a Translation Services in Dubai to help it translate all its contents in any language. If you visit the website of Naffco- Dubai you will find that their website has been translated into Arabic, French, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian (Bahasa) and Spanish.

NAFFCO FZCO is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, security and safety engineering systems. They operate worldwide. They understood the necessity of translating their website into the above mentioned languages and approached a translation company in Dubai to help them in it. Likewise there are thousands of websites that are translated into multiple languages to target different language-speaking communities. It’s not an age where you must have a translator sitting in your office to translate your content. It is out of context now to have translators sitting in your office to translate your content. This is because of the cost control strategies. But Internet has made translation services in Dubai and elsewhere easier. Open your Internet browser and search for translation companies for any languages and you will get an unending list of translation companies. Just enquire with them, get a quote, compare the quotes along with samples of translation received from them, finalize the translation company that suits you and your work is done. This is all possible because of Internet. There are translation companies found in abundance in Dubai as it has become a hub for international businesses.

There are mainly 2 kinds of translation viz. Human Translation & Machine Translation. Machine translation is referred to all translation software that are powered by Artificial Intelligence. It can also be defined as automated translation. In Machine translation computer software is used to translate text from one language to the other. The best examples of it are Google Translate, Bing Translator, Linguee, Wordlens, etc.

Machine translation is not regarded as reliable. Most of the times it gives hilarious and offensive translations. This hurts the reputation of the user company and destroys its brand in a new market. There are a huge number of facts about hilarious and offensive translations by Machines. This way the Internet helps take informed decision on choosing translation partners. Internet also helps us with reviews and ratings of translation companies. This is how it helps consumers to take a correct decision.

Machine translation can provide an approximation of the translation of the source text. The accuracy and usefulness of machine translation, however, varies greatly depending on the target language and the machine translation engine you are using. The accuracy of the source itself is one of the key factors in the efficiency of machine translation. Source text filled with colloquialism, incomplete sentences, incorrect punctuation, and ambiguous words and phrases might not be translated accurately.

Across all quarters in Dubai and other countries Human translators are preferred over Machine translators. Human translators are the most appropriate choice when it comes to serious translation. Machine translators and software can be used to interpret verbal short communications between two individuals with different language backgrounds.