Globally acclaimed, Argyle Pink diamonds have truly risen up as one of the most popular commodities being bought for SMSF all around the world. Financial analysts have credited many different factors for this rising trend, yet the fact remains that the exclusivity of the pink diamonds themselves are to be lauded for their growing demand. In fact, you can find a lot more pertaining to the various investment strategies and evaluation factors regarding the pink diamond trade by simply visiting well-established sites such as In the meanwhile, here are some of the leading factors to help you make an informed decision about building a customised pink diamond collection within your personal SMSF.

Rarity – less supply but increasing demand

Pink diamonds are extremely rare. Even within the pink diamonds category, there are variations of colour consistency and secondary colour inclusions that can create a rift of value. If you have been fortunate enough to buy pink diamonds with fewer secondary colours and a vivid dark purplish-pink as the primary colour, you can rest assured of its consistent valuation over the years. Of course, the main reason for the increasing demand of Pink diamonds is also its dwindling supply with the upcoming date of closing for the Argyle mines which are the main source of pink, red and blue diamonds.

Ornamental value along with asset value

Precious stones and metals have always been preferred for commodities trading because they have an asset value for accessories, which makes it possible for owners to enjoy the commodities in possession. You do not have to lock away your beautiful pink diamond collection; you can just as easily have them placed in precious metal settings to wear as statement jewellery pieces.


While moving liquid cash across countries or even within the state can get quite tricky, it can be handled in a much more classy way if you could transfer it to pink diamonds. Further, it is much easier to store pink diamonds than a huge bulk of cash regardless of whether you would be doing it within your personal safety vault or in a security deposit box within the bank.

Global Accreditation

Again, the global acclaim of pink diamonds makes them an ideal way of transferring money across various countries. Not only would it be simpler to travel with Pink diamonds, you can also get the same value at every part of the world, when you are ready to liquidate the stones. In fact, pink diamond SMSF is a great way of preparing yourself, if you are planning early retirement and settling with your own business or real estate in a completely different part of the world.

Finally, the popularity of the pink diamonds renders them virtually inflation-proof. In an unstable economy, this one feature sets the stones apart from any other commodity asset. The trend of appreciating value, the drop in supply and the fact that you do not have to declare your pink diamond investments every year, making them tax-free, all work great in favour of their SMSF preference.