Mental Health

Social media has turned out to be almost an inevitable part of almost all of our lives. Billions of people worldwide use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to share their major life events and connect with others. Even though social media increases your connections and access to required information, it can also ruin your mental health. Improving Lives Counseling Services in Stillwater can always help anyone having any mental issues caused due to social media. However, before going to a counselor, you should know how it affects your mental health.

So, here are the ways social media poorly affects your mental well-being: 

1. Consistent Comparison

Social media affects your mental health through comparisons. People tend to compare their lives with others, which makes them feel inadequate and suffer from low self-esteem. As you watch the highlight reels of others’ lives, you don’t realize their behind-the-scenes struggles, which they have experienced. It makes you dissatisfied with your lifestyle, which gradually makes you mentally ill.

2. Sense of Self-Worth and Belonging

Social media impacts your sense of self-worth and belonging. It can build a vague sense of connection and a feeling of getting left out. The consistent wish for getting validation via likes, comments, sharing, and followers, can distort your sense of self-worth. Nowadays, a person’s worth depends on their social media presence rather than personal values and qualities.  It may cause depression and anxiety, which aggravate the existing mental health disorders. 

3. Negativities

The everyday bullying, hate speeches, and negative news on social media affect the users’ mental health. You may feel helpless and hopeless, which can arouse traumatic memories in those people who have experienced such negative incidents. 

4. Physical Symptoms

An increasing number of people are getting addicted to using social media. They spend a huge amount of time in a day scrolling feeds and communicating with others online. It creates a feeling of getting disconnected from the world and experiencing physical symptoms, such as headaches, eye strain, and erratic sleep patterns. These consequences poorly affect your mental health. 

The Bottomline

Social media can deteriorate your mental health in the ways above. Are you experiencing any such mental issues and can’t come off them? If yes, then you can go for mental counseling services in Stillwater anytime. A counselor listens to you and solves all your mental issues.